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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson
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Jan 02, 2008

it was amazing
Recommended for: Those who buy the ticket and take the ride
Read in September, 1999

A co-worker, whom happened to be completely insane, sized me up once and told me I was ready. He handed to me a VHS tape bearing the title, "Where the Buffalo Roam". At the time I was living a lifestyle of depraved decadence and over consumption of massive amounts of drugs and booze. While this particular journey had many peeks and valleys the next step in my literary evolution took place under a haze of pot smoke, a quart of rum and a pack and a half a day tobacco habit. After watching the movie with a roommate he stumbed off to his room but instead of retunring with a bong he handed me a copy of this book.

I will not kid you and say that being twisted on drugs won't help you understand this book more; it will. Not a necessity but once you dig deeper into the mind and works of one Hunter S. Thompson you will crave whiskey, beer and "...everyone narcotic known to mankind..." Enough of my story, this is after all a book review.

A virtually unkown writer was given a line of credit, a hotel room in Las Vegas, NV and an assingment to write a story that he never did. Instead after days of binging, purging and binging some more the man emerged with a cobbling of notes and tape recordings that he lashed together and handed to Rolling Stone magazine. While several other books were written prior to this tome, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas vaulted Hunter S. Thompson into the limelight. For better and worse "Gonzo Journalism" was born. The style is by the seat of your pants, insert yourself into the middle of your story and hope you come up with a comrprehsnible and most imporantly publisher worthy book in the end. Thompson invented it so I am not afraid to tell you he does it the best.

With his attorney at his side, Hunter searches for the American Dream, ponders the death of the free wheeling 60's and generally blows his own mind along with yours before the story ends.

If you are looking to dive into the world of Hunter S. Thompson this probably isn't the best way to start, but this is his Mona Lisa, his swan song, his coup de gras and the story that made him larger than life. My attorney has advised me to write as many reviews of his works as I can and I assure you this is only the first of many. Mahalo.
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message 1: by Rob (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rob Allen This is a very good review. Some dry snatched lady with mothballs taped to her thighs, (so she could feel like she had balls) One that obviously never ventured into inner space...she was trying to sandbag the great Dr. of journalism (see Lord Beardsley)Well, better to regret something you have done Then not have tried.
(as long as you keep a certain respect for life)Give these god-damn kids some good cheap drugs and they wouldn't be poisoning themselves with bullshit.
But the government tried that little experiment....can't have young people thinking too deeply.
It's all about who you are to begin with.
I lived through it. I'm still considered sane. One adverse effect, the rest of the TV, fox fake news, christian video game junkies seem like Pig Slaves from an old Dr. Who episode.
roballen2 (run that tag, "if the spirit moves you" and thank you, Hunter was a friend, I think of him every day.

Jacqueline Burns-Walters hee hee Love what you both had to say. Starting the book tonight with some Lemon Haze as an aperitif :)

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