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The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve
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Jan 02, 2008

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Read in January, 2005

This is the second Anita Shreve book I've read. I like how the author writes and describes the scenes and emotions. The flaskbacks of her early family life were partically good. Her tone impresses me, although Sea Glass seemed to flow a little better. I was hooked in the beginning and I felt Kathryn's pain. That half of the book I felt was written well but when Shreve attempts the different plot twists during the second half of the book, I lost interest. Which is sad, because those plot twists are primarily there to hold a reader's interest.

The revelation about Jack's double life- both romatically and polically came on almost too suddenly. In fact, the political twist was unnecessary and unreal, I would have preferred it if this was left out. As Kathryn said, she didn't understand Jack's motivation and since he's dead she'll never understand it. And I don't expect all the details of this progression of Jack's double life to fall into a neat little package, but I think more details should have been provided maybe through Muire or Robert (partically politically). And we wonder why Jack kept so many secrets, I find it crazy that after ~15 years of marriage he doesn't tell Kathryn the real story of his mom and he's been going to church.

Also,little of the book goes into real depth about how Kathryn feels about her husband's betrayal. I thought this book would have been better if the book spent as much time dealing with the emotional repercussions of Jack's betrayal combined with grief as the book did in the beginning of the book with just grief.

And lastly, why does Robert fall in love with Kathryn? She's crying, hysterial, emotional, hasn't showered, changed clothes, eaten for most of the book and is griefing another man. What guy in his right mind would fall in love with that. Sympathy and compassion yes but love--give me a break. Oh and what was up with the lottery ticket?
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Danielle I agree with the lottery ticket, what? The ending was confusing. I expected to find out why he didn't tell Kathryn about going to church and about his mother being alive. Those two things didn't make any sense. Obviously I can see why he wouldn't tell her about the affair..but why those? A lot of questions went unanswered that is for sure.

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