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Fatal Affair by Marie Force
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Aug 23, 2010

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bookshelves: 2010-reads, thiller-suspense, romance-contemporary
Read from August 22 to 23, 2010

US senator John O'Connor is murdered in his home and Detective Samantha Holland is given the case. Sam needs vindication badly because she was the detective that ordered the shooting on a crack house the resulted in the death of a child.

As she gets to the crime scene she runs smack into Nick Cappuano, O'Connor's chief of staff and the guy she had a memorable one night stand with 6 years earlier. The two reconnect while solving the murder.

This book was a definite page turner with the suspense element being the strongest part of the book. There were plenty of suspects although I was a little disappointed in the resolution.

The romance part of the book was also very nice. Sam and Nick had a great connection and I like the fact that they didn't play around. They got right to the point, they acknowledged their feelings and began to work through new couple issues.

I had the biggest problem, though with some plotting elements and characterizations.

First I thought there was too much going on. Sam was working on the murder plus the fallout from the crack shooting incident plus her crazy ex husband plus a vindictive superior. All these things wouldn't necessarily have been so bad, but at least two of them were actively trying to kill her.

Second, sometimes I thought the characters just didn't act logically. Sam dragged Nick to various witness interviews when he was not only a civilian but could have still have been construed by some as a viable suspect.

Nick gets upset because when a shooter opens fire in a public place, she pushes him down and won't let him protect her. Uh, dude, she's a cop. That's her job. There seemed to be a disconnect between that. Nick seemed determinedly oblivious to the fact that her job is dangerous. And Sam wasn't forceful enough, imo, in making him face that fact.

And O'connor really had to be the dumbest senator in the world. His old brother disgraces himself and loses any chance of even running for senate because he was picked up on a DUI charge before he announced his candidacy, and yet O'connor is basically a slut who has rough sex and threesomes and gives out his home keys like Halloween candy to his various women with whom he never has more than a one-week relationship.

I only guessed the identity of the killer very late in the book, so that was a plus. But I was never completely sold on the guilty party's motive. We did get the why, but it never really resonated because absent any other concrete characterization of this person, the murder seemed extreme for the motive. I like it best when the murderer is revealed and you can immediately think back to hints dropped in the book and see why this is the case. That didn't happen here.

Overall not a complete hit out the ball park but still an engaging read.
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