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A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl by Tanya Lee Stone
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Jan 02, 2008

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Read in October, 2007

Plot: What does Josie, Nicolette, and Aviva have in common: they all dated the same asshole. The novel is written in a poetry format and each section tells one of the girl's stories. Josie decides to write a warning about this guy at the back of the school library's copy of Judy Blume's Forever. In the end, the reader gets to see the experience of each girl with the same guy and how they all became fools for "love"...or what they thought was love.

Evaluation: I was struck by the author's writing style in this book. Her complete candor and descriptive language that she used in order to formulate each girl's experience was exceptional and as a reader, I felt really sympathetic towards her characters. Josie, although younger than the other girls, seems to be the one with the better sense. She decides not to have sex with this guy and even writes a warning about him in the back of the book Forever. She tries to warn other girls, but that doesn't work because this guy seems to make girls weak at the knees when he even looks at them. Ah, that's what a smooth style and sideburns like Luke Perry can do that to a girl (okay, the guy didn't have sideburns...I just imagined that).

The character that I felt went through the most was Nicolette. She is such a lonely character and even though she tries to act all cool and that she doesn't care, you know that she does and that she really wants to be loved. When she is made fun of and called a whore, you can tell that she didn't think of herself that way. She thought that that the darkroom, where she would fool around with this guy was special, but the red light of the darkroom symbolized something wasn't special to him at all and in reality he was basically calling her a whore. Ouch! When she comes to this realization, you can tell that Nicolette is just shattered and I felt so sorry for her.

Stone has created a novel, which reflects the good times as well as the bad of dating a "bad boy." I think that knowing is half the battle, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Not all boys are like Michael Wagner in Forever because some boys just don't care whether a girl really has a good time the first time that she has sex and this novel demonstrates that in a frank manner.

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