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Fair Game by Patricia Briggs
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Feb 10, 2012

really liked it
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Read on February 03, 2012

I love Patricia Briggs. I love her Mercy series, and I sure as hell love her Alpha and Omega series; this woman has a way with words--and a way with depicting werewolf interactions that makes me melt inside and fall back in love with the fuzzy critters all over again.

Alas, the reason I gave FAIR GAME a 4 instead of 5 star review was because the romance seemed to be lacking, and also because those very same werewolf interactions seldom happened. I will explain:

Romance: we know that Charles and Anna have overcome quite a few difficulties in both their lives and in their relationship. Nevertheless, it is quite clear--if the conflict is any indicator--that their issues have not been fully resolved. Meaning there is still plenty of room for romance, without overwhelming readers with countless scenes of fluff that just made a person want to roll his or her eyes when it gets to be overkill. I read this series because I love Briggs, her writing, and the universe, but I also read it because sometimes I want a good old romance that doesn't rely on countless sex scenes, and that truly focuses on the evolution of each character and their relationship. I was disappointed when the romance gave way to the mystery.

Werewolf interactions: this one is a bit vague, for there are plenty of werewolves, just like there are plenty of interactions. If you've read book 2 in the A&O series, then you may remember one of the first scenes with Anna as her wolf as she coaxed Charles into playing with her. It was a warm, moving scene, and truly exemplified the animalistic nature of these characters--and THAT is what made me fall in love with this series. Those sorts of heartwarming scenes.

Maybe it's just me; I don't know. Aside from those two complaints, this is your typical kick ass, mysterious Briggs novel and one that you obviously need to read. Characterization is spot on, as per usual. The mystery, which I loved, don't get me wrong, was equally mysterious. While I wish it did not overshadow the romance at times, there's not much I can do about that, and it was a wonderfully written book, so read it!
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Patricia Briggs
“Then he snarled at her. “You are not leaving me.”

It was an order, and she didn’t have to follow anyone’s orders. That was part of being Omega instead of a regular werewolf – who might have had a snowball’s chance in hell of being a proper mate.

“You need someone stronger,” Anna told him again. “So you wouldn’t have to hide when you’re hurt. So you could trust your mate to take care of herself and help, damn it, instead of having to protect me from whatever you are hiding.” She hated crying. Tears were weaknesses that could be exploited and they never solved a damned thing. Sobs gathered in her chest like a rushing tide and she needed to get away from him before she broke.

Instead of fighting his grip, she tried to slide out of it. “I need to go,” she said to his chest. “I need–”

His mouth closed over hers, hot and hungry, warming her mouth as his body warmed her body.

“Me,” Charles said, his voice dark and gravelly as if it had traveled up from the bottom of the earth, his eyes a bright gold. “You need me.”
Patricia Briggs, Fair Game

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message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Thought it was about time for another A&O! Thanks for the heads-up.

Torzilla Kate wrote: "Thought it was about time for another A&O! Thanks for the heads-up."

Ha, very welcome!

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