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Living Hell by Catherine Jinks
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Nov 20, 2014

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bookshelves: action, science-fiction, boy, teen

This is very much a survival story--running or fighting for your life, using ingenuity to adapt to new problems, making tough decisions. It's also, as another reviewer pointed out, very "sciency" sci-fi--lots of words I didn't stop to look up because the story was moving so quickly. Very interesting premise: a space ship turning into a living organism and attacking the humans as if they're viruses. I appreciated the set-up so you knew what kind of life they lost when the change happened, then read furiously once the action started.

So, why not more stars? The main reason is that it ended up being so grim. Several relationships (between friends, between parents and children) were built up as being important and then people just kept dying right and left. Some books with a lot of violence and grossness keep things lighter in tone, but this one managed to be both exciting and depressing. It's also unusual to have a whole book that takes place within the span of a few hours--it's not a bad thing, but it seemed to end somewhat abruptly.

Overall, I can imagine this being the perfect book for particular readers, but not quite hitting the mark for the majority of them.

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