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Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton
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This was a more closed insular book than some of the others. Besides a chat with Ronnie at the beginning, Anita is neck deep in vampire politics from page one to the final page. So no RPIT and no Animator's Inc. That's not to say we didn't see as much of the necromancer as the vampire and lycanthrope sides. We just played with vampires instead of zombies.

Cast list wise... Vamps: Jean-Claude, Asher, Damien, Requiem, Meng Die, Wicked and Truth, and our first real taste of Elinore, London, Auggie and Samuel. Oh, and can't forget Belle and Marme Noir's visit. Werewolves: Richard, Graham, Clay, and Jason. Wereleopards: Nathaniel and Micah. Wererats: Claudia and Dr. Lillian. Werehyenas: ??? (names escape me at the moment) Werelions: Joseph, Cookie/Haven, Pierce, Travis and Noel.

But, once again, all of the main cast was on stage at one point or another. In the beginning of the book, Jason seemed "absent" given how much took place in Jean-Claude's living room/ bedroom, but it was later explained he had his own "mission" to accomplish. *g*

Spoilers ...

Richard. Everyone wants to trash Richard in the recent books, but except for the whole maybe baby surprise, he was surprisingly cooperative here. His initial anger after the scene with Auggie was completely understandable given what we learned about him and Gabriel in "Incubus Dreams". So I'll give kudos for his effort here, because very few people will. Truthfully, Anita freaked out much worse than anyone.

Ah, what else to say. Anita has gotten over feeding and being fed on by those she loves, but she still can't seem to extend that to anything casual. Not that that is a bad thing, in anyone who isn't a succubus. But, as Jean-Claude notes, Anita has accepted her vampire side in her head, but not her heart. The same could be said for her furry side. Besides giving her beast to Jason and Nathaniel in "Incubus Dreams" this is the first time the beasts have become so substantial that the lycanthropes are sure she will slip her skin.

Anita learns the ardeur can read a lover soul deep, but that isn't common with Jean-Claude's ardeur, or Belle's. Reading that deeply means binding someone that deeply. All of her lovers besides Jean-Claude and Richard having been read that deeply - Micah, Nathaniel, Damian, Asher, and Jason. But it gives new meaning to Anita's beginning with Micah, and the change in status with Nathaniel. The ardeur gave them all what they needed from each other.

Oh, and I haven't been "counting" it as such, but Anita and Jean-Claude feeding off of Auggie was as big of a power boost as marrying the marks or forming the second Tri. Jean-Claude became sourdre de sang after marrying the marks, but only now does his power taste of him alone. And Asher gets a big power up this time around, and an animal-to-call. *g*

As for number and variety of sex scenes, this book does come closest to that line of too much. But much of that is my discomfort (on top of Anita's) with her sleeping with strangers. My favorite sex scene is still Nathaniel and Jason in the limo after Requiem has left. Of all her threesomes, Jason and Nathaniel are the least demanding in many ways.

(Written 04/12/2009)
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Laurell K. Hamilton
“Still it might be nice, once in a while, not to have to choose between evils. Just once, couldn't I choose the lesser good?”
Laurell K. Hamilton, Danse Macabre

Laurell K. Hamilton
“Richard has informed me he is shopping for his white picket fence. I'm happy behind my black wrought iron fence. The one with the pointy spikes on top. White never really was my color.”
Laurell K. Hamilton, Danse Macabre

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