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I Burn for You by Susan Sizemore
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Jul 28, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, fantasy-other-world, fantasy-romance, mystery, sensuous, vampire
Read from August 17 to 18, 2010


Another new world for vampires… another strand with its own mythology… in the beginning, both humans and vampires evolved – related, yet different… and the vampires split into: clan (like humans, protect humans), family (middle road, whatever is easier), & tribes (evil, annihilate humans)… The clans are matriarchal, with the title of Matri. And the clan found doctors in this century to help them overcome their ‘allergies’ to light, garlic, silver, wood, etc, with medicines/serums…

Alexander (Alec) Reynard, 800 + years old, Prime (adult male) of his Fox Clan, takes his vows seriously to protect and live among the humans… in special forces, until the drugs stopped working, and his self control was not sufficient.. so he resigned to be rebooted… to the doctor in California… and a job in security at the Lancer Corp.

Domini Lancer, only living relative to Benjamin – her grandfather & head of the corporation… She is an outstanding security agent herself… she has premonitions, and is telepathic… and one morning she wakes up from a dream with a compulsion to go the farmer’s market to buy peaches… and he is there, watching her, and seems to speak in her mind – but how could that be?

Alec recognizes her as his lifemate, but since he is too close to being feral, he knows to stay away from her until he is back in control… until he reports to work, and finds that she is the one to help him transition into his new job…

They are working together to protect her friend, a singing star who has been getting threatening letters… but Alec realizes that Domini is the actual target


Her grandfather came from a line of vampire hunters… , he and his family became extreme, and did not limit their vampire hunting to just tribe vampires, but to all…. But grandfather was defeated by the Clan matri, and they fell in love (although not as lifemates), and were bonded for 30 years until her duties as Clan Matri called her away from him…they had one son… the son did not get any vampire traits, but his daughter, Domini, did… and his mother, now head of the Purist vampire hunters (and very, very old and hateful) feels Domini is an abomination and is striking out to kill her…

Domini & Alec dance around each other… Alec trying to control his feral side (not always successfully) and Domini trying to reconcile her feelings of passion for him, and her growing understanding of his true nature (both as vampire, and as potentially feral vampire)…

His medication routine is interrupted, and Domini is in danger, and his mother the Fox Matri (whom he must obey) has summoned him to bring Domini to her… so he more or less kidnaps her… on the trip, he is in great need – both physically to feed & emotionally to dominate his lifemate… and though Domini has a window of time in which to leave him, she can see his need and gives herself freely to him… and they exchange blood for the 1st time…

They go to his home, she is asked to liaison with the human hunters to solidify old agreements (a future book?)… she is overwhelmed… she meets his sister (Raven?) who is very rebellious, and though it is time for her to start her own clan, she is anger and warns Domini that they are just to be used as breeders (a future book?)… and because of her vampire grandmother she can also become Matri of her own clan (Condor, as the tattoo on her back?) and Alec puts her first over his mother when she has a premonition that the Purists are going to attack her grandfather, and he helps her to leave to go to him – but of course follows and organizes the local clan to help to defend her grandfather… Interestingly, the local clan, true to their role as human protectors, insist on no blood, but they will use mind control to wipe out the memories & decisions to know about & to hurt vampires… and the story ends with their commitment to one another, and that they will work together in security…


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