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Snow Melting in a Silver Bowl by Nancy Brady Cunningham
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Jul 28, 2010

did not like it

This book, in the most precise sense, is totally lame.

Let me elaborate. This book is guilty of the worst sins of the catch-all phrase "new age", taking bits and pieces of real philosophies and spiritual disciplines and stirring them into a broth devoid or real power or direction. It's so-called rituals are exercises in imaginary thinking, all of them seemingly for the purpose of "revitalizing" you or calming you. Nothing gets defined, nothing connects with our real experience as human beings. It assumes the existence of an Aura, of multiple lives, of guardian spirits, of any number of things, all of which are further assumed to have specific properties and personalities, seemingly chosen at random. It skips over everything that might be considered a definition, or a connection to reality as we live it, and gives you instructions like "Now feel with the edges of your aura" and "Now connect to your sky energy".

Recommended for people who buy paintings of Native American children wearing ceremonial clothes that native Americans never actually wore.

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