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Shakespeare's Counselor by Charlaine Harris
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Jul 28, 2010

really liked it

Everyone's favorite housecleaner is working on a career change. Lily Bard is back for her fifth case, and this time it is going to take place just as she is getting her troubled life back in order. The newlywed, who married private investigator Jack Leeds in the previous novel, has started as an apprentice investigator with him in the hopes of getting a better handle on her finances. Considering her previous novice experience and an innate skill for solving crimes, it is not a surprising choice.

While Lily has some success with her first two assignments, her next big case is going to be dealing once again with death. She has decided to join a support group for victims of rape at the local clinic. The group is led by Tamsin Lynd, a counselor who just moved to Shakespeare a year earlier in the hopes of escaping the eyes of a stalker who has been tracking her for years since she was living with her husband in Cleveland.

On Lily's third meeting, the group arrives to find that a new member who was supposed to be joining the group has turned up dead in Tamsin's office at the clinic. The woman is loosely tied to one of the members of the support group, but it quickly becomes clear to the police that the murder is likely tied to Tamsin's stalker. Such ties become even clearer as Tamsin and her husband find themselves being confronted with a series of harassing attacks.

There are also a few other new characters in town in the form of a new police detective and a new deputy. Both seem like likely suspects the more Lily follows up on details.

I thought Lily and Jack really get a chance to develop even further as characters. It is great seeing Lily being able to finally feel less held back by the horrible experiences surrounding her rape.

As for the case itself, I thought it was a really interesting concept, but it struggles with a very disappointing conclusion. I felt kind of like a balloon with the air let out. Unfortunately, this seems to be where the series has stopped as Harris has focused more on her two supernatural mystery series, including the Sookie Stackhouse books.

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