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JPod by Douglas Coupland
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Jul 28, 2010

it was amazing
Read in January, 2008

This is the First Novel I read written by Coupland, I like the Cover, and I picked it up in the library.. I had never heard of Microserfs before I read this..

I thouroughly enjoyed this book because of it's crazy interwined stories its dubious plot, such as it is, affords a wide ground flair for pop allusions. The story revolves around Ethan Jarlewski and the other five inhabitants of JPod, a particularly undesirable wing of a Vancouver-based videogame design company. The novel opens as the JPodders leave a meeting where they’ve been asked to insert a talking turtle into a skateboard game. Instead, they spend most of their work time developing a secret level within the game that unleashes Ronald McDonald as a rampaging, murderous clown. Ethan’s family life is also in disarray: Not 20 pages into the book, his pot-growing mother kills a biker, and within another 20 pages his failed-actor father is declaring undying love for a woman who’d been a couple of years behind Ethan in school. And it continues: We soon learn that Ethan’s brother is in real estate, with a Chinese gangster for a main client, who, later in the novel, turns out to share Ethan’s father’s passion for ballroom dancing and who deals with Ethan’s boss—and the boss’s unrequited crush on Ethan’s mother—by giving him a heroin addiction and enslaving him in a sweatshop. Rather than pretend these various plots cohere at any level, Coupland inserts himself into the novel as a merciless puppetmaster who enforces a kind of discipline within. Metafiction is great! I didn't think It was Coupland but lot's of people have told me Coupland has a habit of putting himself into the Novel!!

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