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Meridian by Amber Kizer
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Jul 27, 2010

really liked it
Read in June, 2010

Meridian Sozu is different. Very different. She’s a Fenestra, a half human, half angel whose job is to guide people over to the ‘other side’ once they pass on. Since she was a young girl, she’s had animals come to her and die. Meridian has always been surrounded by death. When a large car crash happens outside her home, she is sent to live with her Aunt and a mysterious boy named Tens. Meridian finds out who she is and learns she has to battle the Aternocti a group where they capture souls to cause chaos.

It took me a while to get into this book, however I liked the concept of the plot - which kept me going. I found as I kept reading, the more suspenseful and intriguing it got. I really did enjoy the storyline of a little town gone awry with the help of an over the top zealous religious leader who managed to get a strong grip on the town. It made the perfect background for the development of the story.

My favorite character was Meridian’s Aunt (also named Meridian) she was filled with strength (despite her age) and she was a typical Grandma. She was lovable and everything about her was likable and endearing. Meridian, I noticed started developing personality characteristics like her Aunt, which I enjoyed reading. I didn’t know what to think of her at first. It was more of a take it or leave it attitude towards her, but then she started to grow on me later.

What I also liked about this book is it has a lot to do with spirituality and most of the subject matter is what happens when you die. It goes into detail about it but I’m glad it does’nt add any religious aspect. It stays neutral and its’ explanation of life after death is interesting.

I’d have to say I did enjoy reading the book once the plot caught my attention. It was certainly different from other paranormal books I have read (at the moment) and there’s a lot more I’d like to know. There is a lot of room for a sequel (or a series) so I’m definitely going to be picking this one up for sure.

Overall do pick this one up! it’s certainly a different type of paranormal YA fiction and perfect if you want to take a break from the vampire and werewolf books that are in abundance out there.

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Amber Kizer
“What is it? Tens, I can see the stick up your arse from here. I'm dying remember? Dying people don't have time for silly moods”
Amber Kizer, Meridian

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