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Gears of War by Joshua Ortega
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Feb 04, 11

Read from February 02 to 04, 2011

Utterly mindless. There is little to no background given for any of the characters. Instead they are played for the hackiest of the hack archetypes, if they're even given that chance. And with only 4 lead characters, you'd think a little time would be put into this.

Instead, you've got the narrator, Jace. His narration sounds like someone who has watched all the shittiest, most cliche war movies and memorized the dialogue. He's the rookie. He acts like a rookie a bunch, and was apparently an orphan. We are occasionally forced to watch flashbacks of one instance of his life where he had to hide from the Locust (the antagonists), but are never shown why that event matters at all to anything going on in the present.

Then we've got Fenix. He's the badass. He kills stuff, barely talks, and does nothing spectacular, but is for some reason treated like an amazing war hero.

Then we've got Barrick. He smokes! They talk about how he smokes a lot! You guys, smoking kills. Except this is war! Why does anyone care if he smokes? It is the biggest waste of time.

Then we've got Dom. He is not even given any distinguishing characteristics other than "I miss my wife." I wish you would go to your wife, Dom! You are boring!

The story is amazing, in that someone at Wildstorm had to read this and say "Sure! This is printable!" No reasons are given for anything that happens. The Gears just go from battle to battle, getting (SURPRISE) ambushed like every 10 feet and having to fight a new giant monster, which they inevitably kill within seconds. There's no tension, no drama, no foreboding. Just shoot, kill, move, shoot, kill, move, talk about how war is hell, shoot, kill, move.

The best I can say about this "story" is it took me about 45 minutes to read in its entirety, so at least I didn't waste much of my life on it.

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Collin Rash Play the games and you will understand

Aaron I did. Story shouldn't rely on me having to do something else to enjoy it anyway.

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