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Dark Reign by Brian Michael Bendis
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Jul 27, 2010

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Neutralize Clint Barton

Eliminate Daredevil

Kill Namor

Kill Frank Castle

Kill Nick Fury

Neutralize Bruce Banner

Control the world

Kill Spider-Man

Things are desperate, as usual, in the Marvel universe. Norman Osbourn, having thwarted the Skrulls most recent invasion of earth by shooting their queen on national TV, has been given dictatorial powers over national security. He’s replaced S.H.I.E.L.D. with his own H.A.M.M.E.R. He’s replaced the real Avengers with his own band of psychopaths, loonies, monsters, and imposters. He’s made the to-do list above. What else could you expect? He’s the Green freakin Goblin, for Stan Lee’s sake.

The List shows Osborn’s progress in crossing items off the list above, and if you haven’t visited Marvel for a while, it’s a nice place to catch up on some old favorites. It’s a single volume in a coherent order, which is a nice change. Finding the right chronology for Marvel’s other recent events (Civil War, Secret War, Secret Invasion) has been just about impossible, so that characters you know are dead from another book, pop up again in another book read out of order. Death’s always provisional in comics, of course, and characters are beginning to make ironic comments about how many times they’ve died.

The downside of this volume is that it repeats some material we own in other titles (Spider-Man, Avengers). A small price to pay. --John

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