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Snoop by Sam Gosling
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Interesting and entertaining, but - the reason I'm giving this three stars instead of four or five - it made me uneasy at points, when the author talked about going through parts of people's homes or lives that I would consider private and off-limits in the absence of consent.
Specifically, although he made a big point of having obtained people's permission to go through their living and work spaces in the course of formal research, he also talked about having gone through the medicine chest of a woman he was attracted to, making a list of her prescription meds, and checking out what those meds were typically prescribed for.
Maybe I'm just weird, but if I found out that someone had done that to me, I'd throw them out of my house and my life on the spot. In my view that's a violation of the trust I demonstrate when I bring someone into my home. Along the same lines, he seems to condone similar prying by the reader, and I don't think that's okay.

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