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Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
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This book has a lot of the same mood and character formulas as the Mortal Instruments. Tortured males, girls with hidden powers, etc. The conversion of this story to Victorian times wasn't entirely successful. Mostly this was due to the environment of the Shadowhunters which was at odds with the propriety and strict gender roles of the times. The clockwork/steampunk element also didn't seem as strong of a genre in this book as Urban Fantasy. Also, I would strongly like to add that weakness is a much better explanation for bad behavior than lust for power and evilness. That's all I can say about that without giving more spoilers. At times the book was a bit too melodramatic and seemed like a more sloppy version of the Mortal Instruments. However, it was fun to meet a younger Mangus Bane. It seems as if he may have a larger role in the next book. I know I'll read the next book because I liked it well enough and I'm just like that. The mood was great, but I hope that Clare will tighten up her writing in the rest of the series.

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