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Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters
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Jul 25, 2010

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My wife loved all these books (and a great many other things Elizabeth Peters, Barbara Michaels, Barbara Mertz wrote). I'm giving it 3 stars as I recognize that this/these are very well written books. They are well constructed, the characters are fully fleshed out and if you follow the series they will remain fairly true to themselves. So, why only 3 stars? First, I like very few mysteries. While these are well crafted mysteries it's not a genre I find a "go-to" for myself...that's one reason. There is one other. Where my wife really like these, I just can't really. For one thing, I suppose the main thing, I really don't "like" Amelia Peabody...we just probably wouldn't get along. I'm sure she's one of the world's great archeologists/Egyptologists (or was as the books are placed back in the hay-day of the British Empire), but she just rubs me the wrong way.

These are well written books and if they are your cup of tea (as Amelia's English it would definitely be tea) you will probably love them. Please, I know my wife and others loved these so, if you're a mystery buff, if you think you might get along with Amelia...try them. They're just not my favorites. i listened to several just to have something to listen to on long drives, as I preferred a book to radio, but I probably would never have picked them up to read.
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Werner Personally, I like Amelia --but I have a soft spot for strong, take-charge females (after all, I married one! :-)). But I can see where Amelia would rub a lot of people the wrong way, and be a real challenge to get along with at times.

Mike (the Paladin) I "listened to" several of these and like Mrs. Pollifax and a few other mystery novels/series haven't gotten around to reviewing them yet. My wife had to have audio books for a good while, and I listened to a lot of them in my truck...but I never could get along with Amelia. I listened to some of the Vickie Bliss books after her two and while they aren't quite as well done, and Vickie also has her foibles, I seemed to take her better than Amelia. I suppose I just found the combination (what i found to be) pushiness and conceit too much to bear. :)

This is a fictional woman we're discussing here, that speaks well for the author's writing, even if I don't like the character much. LOL

Jackie I read this within the last ten years and to be honest, I don't remember much of it. I too gave it 3 stars so it must have been good. I rarely give out 5, that's reserved for the best of the best. My 4 stars is probably equal to someone else's 5 stars.

I don't read a lot of mysteries but I generally enjoy them when I do. If I had more time I'd read more of them, but with limited reading time available I have to stick with what I love and mysteries are not it.

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Mike (the Paladin) Me either. I explained in the review that I often listened to books I wouldn't have read... some book better than no book LOL. They are written well...

Angelosdaughter I have read this book many times, and am reading it again for the umpteenth; I love being in its world.
Well, I think a lot of men would find Amelia a challenge, but then so did Emerson at first. They didn't get along at all. In the end, I think he admired Amelia's knowledge of and passion for a subject that was his life's work and her independence that would allow him to indulge his lifework with her as a helpmate, not someone he would have to be taking time away from it to attend, and also to have to rescue. They were on an equal footing and soulmates, to say nothing of the fact that Amelia saved Emerson's life, and had the fortune to help him finance their research, making them less dependent on an outside sponsor.

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