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Hot Blooded by Christine Feehan
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Jul 25, 2010

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** spoiler alert ** Seduction's Gift - Angela Knight
King Arthur & his knights of the round table... vampires? vammpires plus.... Merlin, an alien, endowed them and corresponding women (like Morgana) so that they could protect humanity from itself... existing in an alternate universe with magic - the Mageverse...

and the women (like Morgana) have different gifts... and they live on a different plane than earth, but interact with humans.... and have numerous offspring...

and their offspring carry the potential for the gift... and, interestly, the gift is released by sexual intercourse with one of the Mageverse - sex at least 3 times...

So Lancelot, who has 'gifted' many women in 16 centuries, has been 'commissioned' by Morgana (a ruler of Mageverse) to gift Grace, her granddaughter. Grace, who lived on their plane from the age of 15 to 20, who had a crush on Lancelot, who begged them to gift her mother, who wanted it but did not have the strength of character to be a Mageverse so they refused, and who was attacked by Lancelot's latest gifted who could not handle it so went crazy... 8 years later, she is a darn good policewoman... and wants nothing to do with the gift.

but she is very attracted to Lancelot, and she succumbs to him twice... and to save a woman who has been kidnapped by a madman that she is psychically tied to, she goes to Lancelot so that she can be gifted and save the woman... and in their efforts to save the woman, they become truebonded... only one for each other, with access to each other's minds/thoughts... Morganna's true goal...

Dark Hunger – Christine Feehan
Juliette Sangria – jaguar shifter – mother and aunt died at hands of evil jaguar men (influenced by vampire?) to imprison and rape the female jaguar in expectation of jaguar offspring. Juliette, her sister Jamine, and cousin ? locate and free these women/jaguar. One night, at jungle complex rescuing endangered animals, Juliette discovers and frees Riordan, Carpathian. A bit rough at first, Riordan strikes and takes her blood to regain some strength, he destroys the compound, and contacts his brothers to tell him of the poison he was given to weaken him. But he recognizes Juliette as his mate, and takes her limp body to safety, a hidden hot springs/cave in the jungle. He sweats out the poison, analyzing it, and the two come together… Though he wishes different, he recognizes he must join her and her family to fight the bad jaguar men… and though she loses her ‘cat’, she can shift into a variety of cats now

Awaiting Moonrise – Maggie Shayne
Louisiana, Jenny Rose, Samuel LaRoque – Jenny is a professor looking for a new species – larou garou… and she finds him in the handsome doctor Samuel LaRoque… he was cursed a werewolf through his great grandfather who raped the daughter of the Voudoun priestess… the current priestess, recognizing his gentler side and mating to Jenny gifts him with greater control over the whens of shifting… and Jenny knows she could not subject him to the world, and destroys her personal research on the subject. ahhh

The Night Owl – Emma Holly
Vermont, Marianna O’Faolain, Bastien Luce (upyr – race of shape-shifting immortal beings, part wolf, part blood-drinker. I’d like to read more of the upyr… part werewolf, part vampire… an interesting different mythology of such.
Marianna is a baker with the treasured recipes of her grandfather, and baking means love to her… Bastien is a potential clan leader (though an error in his ‘youth’ makes him reluctant) who buys the inn of which Marianna’s bakery is rented from… and he and his best friend are making tremendous improvements, and have begun underground caverns homes to be protected from the sun… and he is tongue tied around Marianna, whom he feels great passion for… He approaches her as his wolf, accepting a pet and a piece of toast from her… then he finally talks with her, makes a date, and they have a wonderful time. Later that night, she panics about her grandfather’s recipes and returns to the bakery to retrieve them, and Bastien & friend are watching over her as she is riding her bicycle home, and her ‘arch-enemy’ /ex-business partner who stole some of her grandfather’s recipes, hits her with her car and steals the rest of the recipe book. She has hit her head, and is dying, and Bastien, with the push of his friend (who can see how deeply he cares for her) encourages him to turn her and save her life. She has a bit of trouble adjusting (like who wouldn’t) – and interestingly, her optimal weight is 7 pounds more and curvier than what she was before – especially with not being able to taste and test her creations. And strong, autocratic Bastien is very sensitive and helpful to her needs – ahhh…
And his friend goes to the arch nemesis and bespells her with a truth spell – so she goes on the air, and tells all about where the recipes came from, and how she feels about the producers, the audience, etc.

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