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The Courtship Dance by Candace Camp
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Sep 08, 2010

it was ok

So y’all wanted me to read a Regency Romance. Here it is. It’s thoroughly forgettable, although it does allow me to add a few cliches to my Dead Gay List: the Feckless Gamester (the heroine’s former husband gambled everything they owned, including her honor! Okay, in this book she’s just in danger of losing her house, but sometimes he totally sells her hot body). Also, The Great Sexual Awakening: the Heroine had an unhappy marriage in which no one seemed to own a copy of The Joy of Sex. So now she thinks she’s frigid. Because her husband said she was. Because he used to hump her without a by-your-leave. So she’s all, “I can’t get busy with the Hero! He’ll think I’m cold! He’ll think I’m frigid! Hey, what’s this funny feeling in my pants! Surely that has NOTHING to do with sex!”


Like I said, there’s really nothing to this book. The only interesting factoid I can relate is that when I was in my teens, I accidentally ran across a Candace Camp novel, in which the villains were your garden-variety Sexual Deviants. I remember this solely because at one point, the villain sexed up the hyper-horny villainess (who was old! And droopy! Naturally!) using a greasy chicken bone.

I remember that the chicken bone was greasy. Because that’s the kind of detail you can never forget, no matter how hard you try.

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