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Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
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Oct 07, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: young-adult-fiction, urban-fantasy-paranormal, horror, read-2010, ghosts-dead-people, stays-with-me, other-creatures, cliffhanger, beautiful-writing, i-cannot-tell-you-my-secret, debut
Recommended for: Fans of Brenna Yovanoff's "The Replacement"
Read from October 04 to 06, 2010

4.5 stars. I hope I'll take the time to elaborate later. It was a great, thrilling story with some great and lovable characters, but it had some unnecessary lengths and some points that bugged me.

And when I compare it to Brenna Yovanoff's The Replacement, which I have rated four stars going on five as well, I have to say that I think although the romance is done better in Nevermore, the writing style / language is more beautiful / better crafted in The Replacement and also the scenes and the characters of the horror parts where eerier, more unsettling, in my opinion more imaginable, vivid. I found myself repeatedly skipping passages in Nevermore - partly driven by the urge to know what would happen, partly because they failed to install the pictures quickly enough in my head. I think if a scene description is truly well done, it keeps you glued to each and every word regardless of the danger lying ahead.

And ... I do not mind hints at sequels and some unresolved aspects, but I do not like having only half a story in my hands. Some solution should be given. That's my opinion.
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Quotes oliviasbooks Liked

Kelly Creagh
“It was here that Isobel first felt the twinge of an inward pull on her mind. Slowly the words started to get out of the way and let images of courtiers revolve, in slow motion, through her mind's eye. It was as though she had somehow adapted to the density of the language. Soon the words smudged away from the page, and in their place, she was left with the sensation of gliding through the scene, like she'd become a movie camera, sweeping through the sets of rooms and over the heads of costumed actors.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Kelly Creagh
“The more this guy talked, the more he sounded like a fortune cookie.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Kelly Creagh
“Danny, give me the phone." Isobel thrust her hand out for the receiver. "And you can forget the five bucks."

"I was gonna charge you three-fifty anyway," he said, holding the phone just out of reach. "He knew he hadn't dialed the wrong number, so I had to tell him you were on the crapper.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Kelly Creagh
“He smiled like he couldn't help it. She couldn't believe it. He was actally smiling, teeth and all. Had she ever seen him smile before? No, she realized, because right now, it was such a jarring thing to witness that for a moment it felt as though she was sharing the car with a stranger.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Kelly Creagh
“Her fingertips reached to trace the damage, but he grasped her hand with his own. He leaned down, far enough that the dark ends of his hair brushed feather-light against her face, caught in her lashes.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Kelly Creagh
“For the briefest moment, they came face to face. Their eyes locked. Then he broke the stare, swiveled, sank into a sitting position, chains clanking, with his knees up.
She watched him speechlessly as he set a cooler bag between his boots, like he was settling down to a picnic or something. An image of the contents as hospital blood bags, complete with juice straws, flashed through her mind.
Unfolding her legs, she made herself as comfortable as she could on the cold outer edge of the sill. An intangible and unnameable charge electrified the space between them, and at first, neither of them said anything.
[...] Finally she heard him unzip the bag and watched him pull out a small cylinder.
"I thought you might like some crappy ice cream," he said.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Kelly Creagh
“He turned his head and caught her with his eyes. She froze, locked by the intensity of his stare. His eyes were stark and cold, the concentrated green of pale jade. Outlined in smudged black kohl, those eyes focused on her, unblinking through the feathery strands of his jet black hair, and it was like being watched through a cage by a complacent and calculating cat.

Discomfort welled in her, thick and black as an oil spring. Who was this guy and what was his royal problem? Her gaze flicked briefly to the small metal loop that hugged one corner of his bottom lip.

He blinked once, then slowly lifted one hand and crooked a beckoning finger at her. Isobel hesitated but then as though spellbound to obey, she found herself leaning in.

“What are you staring at?” he whispered.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Kelly Creagh
“Hands quivering, she reached toward him. "Don't." He turned his back to her, facing the door. That word had stopped her once before. But not now. Not now that she had glimpsed through the funeral front of Varen's own eternal Grim Facade. Despite all the dark armor, the kohl eye liner, the black boots and chains, she saw him clearly now. She peered through the curtain of that cruel calmness, through the death stare and the vampire sentiments and angst and, behind it all, had found true beauty.”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

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10/05/2010 page 160
30.0% "It's great so far. I like Isobel, Varen and especially Danny. But those parents enrage me (almost as much as the parents in "The Dark Devine"). Can't they put a little trust in their daughter's judgement?"
10/05/2010 page 350
66.0% "I love Gwen."
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oliviasbooks HC with many pages.

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oliviasbooks Teccc, you can borrow it if you like. It's a keeper.

Arlene Glad you liked it. I can't wait to read this one. Good think I carry a big bag for books such as these. :)

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