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Please God I Want to Win the Lottery by Clayton Caine
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Not sure why, but I expected this to be fiction when it first was given to me. I had just read a whole slew of biographies/memoirs, and while this one did have the advantage of the author growing to reshape his life and discover a more altruistic way of approaching things, the writing wasn't as sharp as some of the others I had read. I'll need to give it a re-read when it returns home to me. it's currently out on a BookRing.

July 25 2011
Edited to add the book was waiting for me when I returned home from a wonderful week in the mountains, where I spent some time at a series of lectures geared towards discovering/expanding your potential through meditation and relaxation. I'd thought I'd give the book a re-read, since I was unable to complete the book the first time. But the second attempt was no more successful. In fact, when I found frown lines growing on my forehead, and my feeling of peacefulness diminishing, I decided this book really is not something I want to continue reading. While I appreciate the author's quest to find himself, it's so far removed from my values, that it's hard to bear. I thought the title a funny one, but see this is really what this guy prays for. To hell with happiness, health and safety for you and your loved ones. Use your time in prayer to go for the gold, literally.

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Nancy Brady I expected it to be fiction, too. I am finding it interesting, but it has to be read in short segments to follow his thoughts, etc. (in my opinion)

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 1 star

Amy I know what you mean. But it *does* have one of the absolute best titles I've come across in a long time. Makes me smile.

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