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Phoenix by Eden Maguire
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Jul 22, 2010

really liked it
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Read from September 27 to 29, 2011

!!!!!!!!!!!Spoilers. :D!!!!!!!!!!!

When I first began reading The Beautiful Dead series I wasn’t sure these books would turn out to be a series I ‘liked’. I read Jonas’ book and found myself in love with the idea behind the story but not really the actual story itself. As usual with any series I read, (promising or not, which in this case I was thinking not) I decided to continue on and read the second book. It wasn’t until I read Arizona’s book that I really began to want to know what happened to these characters, I began needing to know how they died. I also began to fall in love with Phoenix and Darina’s relationship. There is always something undoubtedly addictive about two people who love each other, but are doomed to fall apart. Especially in Phoenix and Darina’s case, I mean dating a dead guy? It can’t be easy, not when you thought you would never see them again. Plus knowing that you’re going to have to say goodbye again must really suck. It hurts enough the first time without doing it again.
I powered on through these books, reading about Arizona and Summer, finding the books quite enjoyable. Sometimes the things that happened seemed slightly unrealistic but hey, it is a fiction novel after all right?

I really grew to like Darina as a character, she was a grief stricken teenager when we first met her but as the series wore on she really started to grow as a character. Her grief never faded though, if not it got worse. She was rocked with so many deaths. She lost a lot of people she cared about in a very short time. I have no idea how she kept herself from falling apart, Phoenix I suppose was a major part of that. Having him around helped her but at the same time made her hurt even worse.

Branden… I knew there would be a twist but I didn’t pick this one. I felt so sorry for him. He has a lot of guilt to carry around, things happen I know, but having to live with the fact that you killed your own brother by accident must be an excruciatingly painful secret to keep. Not to mention the fact that his world was basically falling apart. His Mother is grief stricken and obviously struggling to hold it together, his Father just arrived back in town after being an absentee Dad for the previous ten years, his little brother is getting into trouble and beginning to go off the rails and Branden himself has his own fair share of problems to add to that list. People can only deal with so much, I see why he was the way he was.

The big goodbye I have been imagining from the start yet with a futile desire for there to be some magic way for Phoenix and Darina to end up together turned out to be not so big after all. A massive part of me wanted there to be some ‘happy ending’. Where Phoenix comes back from the dead and they skip off into the sunset. But…. The other part of me knew how an ending like that for me would ruin the books, it would be too unrealistic, a slapped together ending to please readers who enjoy their romance novels. (ME!) I thought the goodbye would be a lot sadder than what it was, I guess they accepted it a long time ago, they came to terms with it in the end. I loved how Phoenix told her that he would always be with her no matter what. That he would always be there for her, that she just wouldn’t see him anymore.


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