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Through Wolf's Eyes by Jane Lindskold
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Jul 21, 2010

it was ok
Read from January 25 to June 01, 2011

I quit on this one. Normally I really enjoy girl/wolf/survival sorta books with rich fantasy settings, but I just didn't have the stamina for this one. I started it, and got about half way before moving on. The book contains three individual "books," comparable to acts and the first was by far the most interesting.

Chronicling Firekeeper and her life in the wild, surviving as a pup among a pack of "royal" wolves (read: magic psyonic wolves), this first part of the book really grabbed me. I was fascinated by it as we slowly learned the rules of the world.

Unfortunately, by the second book, or act, I was bored. Lindskold has all these wonderful ideas and interesting characters that she muddies with thoughtless, unrealistic dialog and distracting descriptions. She attempts to dance the line between detailed, interesting prose and purple mind stealing prose--all to often finding herself on the purple side.

Chapter after chapter of dull descriptions and gross caricatures of supporting characters made me lose interest. By time I hit the 300 page mark I finding myself mad at every run-on sentence or bad descriptor, but vowed to press on. It wasn't until I realized that no one in this book can simply say something, that I quit.

"Every bit of dialog was justified with some odd, long winded description!" Nicole complained while feverishly windmilling her arms in frustration near an open flame.

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