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Just For You by Jet Mykles
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Jet Mykles is the queen of the “gay for you” storyline. Jet seems to be able to break all boundaries when it comes to love and sexual orientation. I was excited when I got to read and review the book, Just for you. Jet once again proves that she is definitely at the top of her game by convincing me as a reader, that one of the main characters who has been heterosexual all of his life, suddenly become attracted to and fall in love with another man.

When Justin Tolliver spotted the most beautiful man he’d ever seen on the sidewalk, he knew it was love at first sight. He immediately runs over to the man and introduces himself to this ‘Prince Charming’ with the hope that his gorgeous prince will be gay and attracted to him, too. When his ‘Prince’ just gapes in shock at him, Justin knows his overstepped himself, and tells the gorgeous man to look him up at his clothing store. He reluctantly leaves the stunned man behind, with the feeling that he just walked away from something special.

Kevin Fuller thought it was going to be just another day when this tall, pretty man suddenly walks up to him and tells Kevin that he’s the man of his dreams. Kevin had been so shocked he didn’t have time to respond to the bold man; before he was whisked away leaving Kevin standing on the sidewalk wondering if it was all a dream. Besides who immediately falls in lust/love over boring a computer geek?

When Kevin’s supervisor has no intention of proposing Kevin’s newest program, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He knows that both of the companies big wigs, Greg and Victor, are gay and hang out at an exclusive gay nightclub. Suddenly Kevin remembers the stunning man that had approached him on the sidewalk earlier, and he devises a plan to bring his own date to the club and single the two men out.

Justin couldn’t be happier when Kevin appears unexpectedly at his shop. When Kevin takes him to lunch and tells Justin his scheme to pretend that they are dating so this will make it easier to approach his bosses, Justin easily decides to go along with the plan. To Justin, it’s a win-win situation. Not only does he get to go to an exclusive nightclub, but he gets to hang out with his dream man as well.

As the men embark on getting Kevin noticed by the big wigs, both Justin and Kevin start feeling more than admiration and attraction to each other. Kevin is confused by his feelings for Justin, but the more he’s around him, the more he starts falling for him. Just as Kevin and Justin start giving into the intensity of their feelings for one another, one of Kevin’s bosses decides he wants Justin for himself. Will Kevin fight for the love of his life and possibly lose his job in the process, or will he walk away from the greatest love he’s ever known?

I read this book in one setting. I loved all of the characters, even Victor Chen who is determined to wedge himself in Justin’s life. It was easy to understand why Kevin could fall so easily for Justin. Not only is Justin stunningly gorgeous, but he’s smart, funny, kind and has a zest for life that most of us would give our right arm for. Even Kevin is attractive and very well matched for the fun loving Justin. I liked that there was more to meet the eye with both characters, and even though each hero was able to see each other, flaws and all, they still were able to recognize the very special, true love that they had together.

Lets not forget about the hot sex between Kevin and Justin. Whew! At one point I had to get up and turn on my ceiling fan. The sexual chemistry between Kevin and Justin was through the roof!

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Sidda Lee great review daisie!

Unapologetic_Bookaholic Great review, Shellie! I loved this one too!

Maggie Very cool review, Shell

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Great review, Shellie!

Daisiemae Thanks, y'all:)
I loved this one!

Lindsay Awesome review, Shell! I'll have to start this one next.

Nick Outstanding review, Shell

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Spring I thought this one was really good to!
Excellent review

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