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Jul 20, 2010

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It pains me to do it, but this book was only 3 stars, MAYBE 3.5 stars but I just really had a hard time getting into this one as much as I did with Clockwork Angel.

First let me say, that I should have re-read Clockwork Angel before reading this one. I started out really confused and found myself just trying to grasp onto hidden meanings and remember past conflicts. I was also rather bored in the beginning and didn't really get into it until around Chapter 8/chapter 9.

For the most part, I really felt like the story progressed well. There was still the issue of Mortmain or the Magister, his clockwork creatures and his followers. New characters are introduced, such as Gabriel and Gideon Lighthouse, a new servant, Cyril and new cook, Bridget. I felt some of the old-timeyness aspects, especially the way Tessa thought--what is or isn't proper--seemed to come off as overbearing and just trying to throw things like that in there to really sell the fact it takes place during the Victorian era. And although I usually like Tessa, I found her more annoying in this one. Mostly, her wishy-washy feelings.

I also just have to state that I find Jem in no way appealing. Every time I hear a description about his silver hair or silver eye lashes or his cane--all I can picture is an old person. Even the way he talks, how kind he is, does not scream 17-year-old boy to me. Tessa even describes him as skinny and not as muscular as Will and I picture a lanky, frail man. I really thought in Clockwork Angel that Jem would profess his undying love for Will. I know they are Parabatai but so were Alec and Jace and Alec was in love with him. Its the way they talk or something that makes it seem like they are in love with each other. I guess its a bromance or the fact that we rarely see young men being so loyal, protective and kind with one another. But whatever.

I'm not sure I can describe the next part that bothered me without spoilers, so.... (view spoiler).

I did like the ending though. Even though it was in a cliff hanger fashion, I really liked it. I found it exciting. Much better than the stupid cliff hanger ending of City of Fallen Angels.

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Angela Though I'm not normally a fan of Cassandra Clare's book (they're just okay to me), I've heard really good things about this. Apparently, the characters and the romance go up several notches. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Carly222 Yea I can see how she wouldn't be your favorite when compared to the books you love but I really enjoy her writing style and I heard really good things about this one too! I hope it lives up to the hype and my expectations and hopefully I will finish it soon :)

Oh and the McKay's trip was a bust, no ARCs :(. I did however pick up a copy Nightshade, so I can start the series :).

message 3: by Angela (last edited Dec 12, 2011 11:19AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Angela Oh, too bad about the McKay's trip, though I really appreciate you taking a look on my behalf. At least you picked up something good for yourself! :)

Carly222 Oh not a problem, and I'm willing to check for you every time I go, though right now its not very often.

So, I'm a little disappointed, just found out Cassandra Clare was doing a signing at a nearby B&N. But on the other hand, she has been making me a little mad with her re-tweeting and not shielding or warning from the spoilers so its kind of her fault I missed the info on the event because I stopped reading any of her tweets because of that. But it still would have been cool for her to sign my stuff :)

Angela Oh no, does that mean you already missed the event? If so, that's a real bummer. I can *definitely* understand why you stopped following the tweets if that happened. Most authors are better about shielding the spoilery info than than. :(

Carly222 Yep, completely missed it...I know right, but to give her some credit I think she's just been too excited about what the fans are saying, she doesn't care/realize or maybe thinks everyone has read it by now...some peeps were even being specific about chapter numbers, even though they weren't explicitly saying anything about the content other than "I really loved what happened in chapter 'so and so'!", it still gives something away to me, so, I just stopped reading them. :(

Angela Well, she's a busy enough author that hopefully you'll be able to catch her on another tour one day.

Carly222 Yes hopefully!!

Angela Ouch. Three stars from you for a Cassandra Clare book means you really didn't like it. I'm not going to look at the spoilers part yet, but I'll read it once this comes in to the library and we can compare thoughts.

Carly222 Yea, I just really wasn't into it. I liked Clockwork Angel much better. I can't wait for you to read it and I hope you do a full review on it (even though i understand you don't have time)! :)

Angela And I didn't like Clockwork Angel much at all, so that's a bad sign for me. I'll let you know when I'm reading it after it comes into the library.

Carly222 Yea, I have a feeling you will find several things wrong with it--okay!

Angela Hmmmm, not a good sign. :(

Carly222 I know, and I just realized that might deter you even more from reading I hope you still do. I love hearing your thoughts on books! They're so...we thought out. lol

Angela Oh, I'll still read it, do not fear. And I will surely have an opinion on it one way or another, too. :)

Carly222 Okay good :)

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