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Dec 30, 07

Read in December, 2007

A gifted poet's account of playing Mario Brothers to level 7.
Expect a lot of "then Aeneas was told he needed to fetch a golden bough. But he could only obtain the bough if he completed such-and-such. So he did. Then he went to the underground world and gave the bough to the boatman, and the boatman therefore let him cross the river..." but with lyric flourish. It's maybe not Mario, but some side-scrolling platformer, definitely.

If I understand correctly, Virgil wrote it by order of Caesar Augustus to a.) connect him, CA, to the line of the founder of Rome thus giving him special first citizen status if not divine right to rule b.) connect the Romans to the Greeks, toward whom they had an inferiority complex and c.) justify imposing Roman culture on barbarian cultures as imposing order.

Virgil never finished it. Before he died he ordered the incomplete manuscript to be destroyed. This book shouldn't even exist!

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message 1: by Isidore (new) - added it

Isidore Aeneas and Mario were both Italian, weren't they?

Because of you I'm seeing that Donkey Kong was simply an allegory for the Epic of Gilgamesh. Possibly also some conflation between Dante and Dig-Dug.

Thanks for the funny and thoughtful review!

Danine Your review reflects exactly how I feel about The Aeneid. Thanks for the wit and smile.

Lisamaria Put in some context, pretty please. It was a poem of the type of meter that has not been attempted then or since.

message 4: by Peter (new) - added it

Peter Stanton I'm confused. Where is your actual review of the Aeneid?

Mary Not sure which translation you read... I read it in my Latin class and we translated it literally, and it is beautifully written.

David Sarkies But then again, how many people listen to a dying author when they order their books to be destroyed?

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