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Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain
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Jul 20, 2010

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If there were as many serial killers in real life as in fiction, we’d all either be dead or be one ourselves. One of the best is the creepy but lovely Gretchen Lowell, back from Heartsick, who has gotten so far into detective Archie Sheridan’s head (and body–she removed his spleen) that the poor guy’s taken refuge in pills. He can’t reconnect with his wife, since he’s always thinking of Gretchen. Blue haired reporter Susan Ward (okay, Atomic Turquoise haired) again inserts herself into the investigation, providing spunk and comic relief.

I recommend this book, but urge you to provide your own ending. Cain set up an finale, that while tragic, felt emotionally right. As the tension built, I thought she was accomplishing something really special. Sadly, she abruptly and implausibly abandoned her scenario to set up another sequel.

I doubt I’ll read it. Once an author makes it clear that she intends to revert to the status quo every 300 pages, there’s really nothing at stake. There’s no danger to characters if you know she intends to milk them for another book. Too bad, cause this was really fun, right up til the end. --John

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