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Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings
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Jul 19, 2010

really liked it
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Read from July 31 to September 08, 2015

Bullet Review:

Give the girl a medal! She finished it!

What a fun ride - but gorrammit did Eddings HAVE to end it THAT WAY? We got some answers (thank Bilbo for that!) but dayum, it took awhile! And now, in order to get more answers and closure, I gotta find book 2!

Slightly Updated Bullet Review (More Coffee, Less Snoozes):

I had a LOT of fun reading this. It's pretty much your classic Hero's Journey story - a young boy with a MYSTERIOUS past sees all these crazy things going on. He joins his aunt-figure and a wizened old man on a journey to find something - what, he doesn't know. As he journeys, he meets new peoples (Barak and Silk), learns new skills (basically sign language) and starts to learn the truth about himself and those he thought he knew best.

I'm not going to bother writing a proper review because I was too damn slow to read this book, and it's not fair. But I will say: this may have all those cliches we gripe and moan about, but in a way that's just so much FUN. Sometimes it's nice to watch something not so gorram serious (I'm looking at you, DC!), and just go along for the ride.

The only problem? This book does NOT have an ending! We get a couple of answers...and then, BOOM, it's the end! Which means I absolutely HAVE to get my hands on book 2 one of these days and attempt to read this slightly faster than I read it this time around!
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07/31/2015 marked as: currently-reading
07/31/2015 page 2
0.0% "Apologies to Mrs. Joseph for not getting farther during lunch. BUT I have read a leetle ways, and it's giving me Silmarillion vibes - which is AWESOME! (I LOVED Silmarillion - it may well be my favorite of Tolkien's works!)" 5 comments
08/03/2015 page 12
4.0% "Garion and Aunt Pol!"
08/04/2015 page 21
8.0% "On one hand, being thrown into a new world is good. On the other - so many new names and races and lands! I am so glad I'm reading this so I can constantly catch a glance at the map!"
08/05/2015 page 26
9.0% "The Storyteller!"
08/07/2015 page 33
12.0% "Garion is set to leave with the Old Storyteller."
08/08/2015 page 44
16.0% "Some years pass; Garion has a near miss with a pool."
08/09/2015 page 70
26.0% "Made some great progress at the salonist! I love this sense of urgency - something I found sorely lacking in the LOTR books." 3 comments
08/13/2015 page 77
29.0% "New characters for this epic journey!"
08/16/2015 page 96
36.0% "Thank you pedi!!!!"
08/24/2015 page 117
44.0% "Aunt Pol, just tell Garion who he is already! He needs to know! More importantly, I need to know!" 1 comment
08/25/2015 page 125
47.0% "Aunt Pol is acting as Duchess of Erat - hilarious!" 6 comments
08/25/2015 page 138
52.0% "The King of Sendaria wants to speak to Teh Gang. It's kinda interesting how Eddings gets his history/geography/culture lessons into the book - often in dialogue, but it kinda makes sense when Silk would tell the farmboy, Garion. It doesn't come across too info-dumpy." 9 comments
09/02/2015 page 171
65.0% "Getting a new car battery and making progress!"
09/02/2015 page 176
67.0% "Seriously, people need to start telling Garion what's going on. This poor kid keeps getting drug along and thrown in the dark!"
09/03/2015 page 194
74.0% "And some more reading while waiting for coffee! I am really eager for answers, to be honest - and I can't help but think, Pol is going to create a monster in Garion if she doesn't start telling him what is going on!"
09/04/2015 page 205
78.0% "Oh this is just so tantalizing! Get there! Tell Garion!! Gahhhh!"
09/04/2015 page 215
82.0% "Barak and Merel know who the mysterious man is! Thank GOD Garion finally told someone!"
09/08/2015 page 225
85.0% "I have two more days before I head to the Coast - two more days to finish this book off! I'd be more confident I could finish if it hadn't taken me so long to get to this point!"
09/08/2015 page 232
88.0% "The mole is found out! Garion is safe."
09/08/2015 marked as: read

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message 1: by Carmen (new) - added it

Carmen Woot! :) *hands CSL a medal*

Crystal Starr Light YAY!

I feel bad it took so long because I enjoyed it; it is not one of those books that takes me forever because I hated it or was bored. No, this was actually pretty darned fun.

message 3: by Carmen (new) - added it

Carmen Yay!

MrsJoseph yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

MrsJoseph I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Crystal Starr Light MrsJoseph wrote: "I'm glad you enjoyed it!!"

Oh, DID I! It was a whole lotta fun - took me awhile, but the thing that was awesome was just how even when I did set it aside for awhile, I would pick it up and just dive back in.

That ending though! GAH, Eddings, HOW DARE YOU DO DAT TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE???! :)

MrsJoseph IKR????! I was like ACCCCK!

Ivana Split you're does have a lot of cliches but that doesn't meat it is not a fun read:)

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