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Terrorism by Charles Townshend
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Jul 19, 2010

really liked it
Read from July 19 to 22, 2010

I found it true to its title: "Terrorism: A Very Short Introduction." It is really a very short introduction to a very complex topic. Charles Townshend handled the delicate topic with marvelous mastery. The book maintains a nice balance throughout the book. The book clears historic facts about some of the controversial issues Townshend discussed to put across his opinion. It is a rare work of its kind based on extensive research work. It clarifies many myths about the causes of current wave of terrorism the fundamentalist Islamic groups have unleashed to challenge the West's supremacy. It also serves as a good reference to read terrorism's history and the different phases it passed through.
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07/20/2010 page 53
37.0% "'Women terrorists are more fanatical and have a greater capacity for suffering. Their motivation is predominantly emotional and can not be shaken through intellectual argument.' Walter Laqueur, an eminent authority on terrorism."
07/20/2010 page 72
50.0% "Detachment from the real world may also, as the German philosopher Jurgen Habermas disapprovingly said, be heightened by other elements of 'youth culture': 'culture transmitted through electronic gadgetry never quite loses its game character and superficiality, and contains the inherent danger of portraying the pseudo-world of entertainment as reality.'"
07/21/2010 page 80
56.0% "By huddling close to the enemy and the people, the former's superior firepower may be negated and the latter's revolutionary consciousness heightened. Central command and control is achieved and the articulation of political and military action, of strikes and demonstrations with armed attack, is made easier."
07/22/2010 page 80
56.0% "Terrorists can act with more impunity in quasi open societies than in police states...terrorism was (noted Ted Robert Gurr, a noted analyst of rebellion) principally the tactic of groups that represent the interests and demands of small minorities - not, in fact, revolutionary movements."
07/23/2010 page 80
56.0% "Netanyahu's remark that 'terrorism is uniquely pervasive in the ME,the part of the world in which Islam is dominant' seems an insinuation too far;it's also a part of the world that has produced a Jewish terrorist movement;and in the wake of the Oklahoma bombing - until Sep 11 the most murderous 'terrorist' act of all time - we can hardly mistake the destructive potential of Christian fundamentalism in the West itself"

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