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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith
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Apr 28, 15

did not like it
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Read from March 20 to April 27, 2015

Unfortunately, I had a lot of problems with this. While the idea of Pride and Prejudice with zombies thrown into the mix seemed like it would be fun, it ended up just not being good. The zombies just don't really add anything interesting to the plot, for one thing. The zombie plague started before the beginning of the novel and isn't finished up by the end of it. Further, the random scenes of zombie violence serve mostly to add an action scene for its own sake rather than do anything to further the plot. Also, the inclusion of zombies all of the characters to change in various ways. Elizabeth becomes much more violent, and looses much of the wit that makes her entertaining in the original novel. I don't have an issue with badass heroines in general, but here replacing Lizzie's social cleverness with physical prowess hasn't improved her character. It has great altered Darcy as well, turning him from a socially awkward and somewhat rude but loveable dork into a disturbingly violent man who I cannot see as anything but a potential abuser of Elizabeth. The other characters fare no better, sadly.

Were the alterations to the novel only these, I would have some issues with it, but still might have managed to enjoy it. However, the author saw fit to alter Austen's original text in other ways. He inserts a number of crass attempts at humor, including sexual innuendos and fat jokes about Mr. Collins. The latter especially bothered me both because I find such jokes offensive and because they completely miss the point of Mr. Collins character. There was also a weird obsession with Asia, especially China and Japan, resulting in things such as ninjas and Shaolin training being inserted into the plot for no good reason. While I'm sure this was an attempt on the author's part of seem hip and cool, for me it falls completely flat. Zombies are enough of an outside context element for me. Ninjas just make this ridiculous, and also a bit iffy given how fetishizing of Asian cultures their treatment seemed to be.

All in all, while the concept of this book is fun, the execution is really lacking. I'd suggest that rather than actually read this, anyone interested think up their own plot based on the title and cover. It's sure to be much better.
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