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Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
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Jan 05, 2008

it was ok

This book.... Wow. Elantris came highly recommended by a librarian. It also has very high praises through reviews on the cover. The story definitely has major potential to be really amazing. The plot is of a fallen magical god-like city, Elantris. The city literally glowed and showed bright with magic and glory and it's inhabitants were immortal god-like beings shrouded in glowing white. The book begins with the knowledge of the city Elantris, but it had mysteriously fallen 10 years prior. Now the immortal inhabitants of Elantris no longer shine white or are able to practice magic, instead Elantris is likened to hell where the immortal can not die to be put out of their misery and every pain and wound is theirs to suffer for eternity. The city itself has rapidly deteriorated into a city of muck and grime and disgust. The potential plot involves a love interest and discovering how/why the city fell and obviously to restore the fallen city and everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately for me, the book is written with it's own "language" that is exhausting to pronounce, remember and decipher. The politics of the surrounding cities and the governments all became too difficult for me to understand as well. After 100 pages or so, I resorted to skimming and ultimately caught enough of the story to know that the foreign language and politics got worse. This would be a great book, if you had the patience and willingness to stick with it all and enjoyed the political wars over the anticipation of the story of Elantris itself.
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Cody Marshall The first ~200 pages were kind of tough to get through, but it's too bad that your didn't tough it out, and give it a fair try... after those first tough ~200 pages, I couldn't put it down!

Jaleh Thanks for the post... Maybe I should give it another try....

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