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Harry Potter Boxset by J.K. Rowling
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Dec 29, 2007

it was amazing
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Read in January, 1997

I LOVE ALL OF THESE BOOKS! i was brought into the harry potter world after the second book came out. i enjoyed every book each in it's own way. i loved the first book because it helped me believe in magic again like i did when i was little. i liked the second book because i got to see hermoine grow as a stronger witch. i loved the third one because harry started to really step into his role and there was so much happening. it was an exciting book.i was introduced to dementors, azkaban, escaped convicts and there was more about how harry's parents died. i loved the fourth one because there were dragons, a sphynx, mazes, and voldemort finally came into the books at full power. it was exciting and non stop action. i loved the fifth one because i loved hating umbridge. it was so great to see harry start to step into his role as a leader and fight against voldemort. i loved the sixth because we finally were able to see into the life and rise of voldemort. i also got to delve into the life and mind of albus dumbledore. i especially loved the first six books because no matter how i tried i could not guess how they would end. i think the second one even though it was not my least favorite it was the biggest surprise ending! i have a talent. i can figure out the endings to movies and books but j.k. rowling always kept me guessing. at least until the seventh book. i of course had no idea about the deathly hallows but i did guess all the major parts. now i loved the seventh because it brought all the other six books together. i was able to see harry turn from boy to man. i loved that the author took us into the future and shower harry's family. these are all books i could read over and over. the instant i read one sentence i am instantly transported in the magical world of harry potter.
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Sasha I couldn`t agree more.Just hearing the theme fro the movies hets me thinkinh about books, about the great world of Harry Potter in which nothing is normal and everything is awsome. I kinda got sad when I read the last chapter. Not (just becpuse) it`s the end of book, of series, of that world, but somehow becouse it remineds me so much of everyday world. I think the story of Harry`s parents is extreamley sad. They had thier perfect little world, they finished Hogwarst, got merried, had a baby... And than they were killed in a final attempt to protect themselfs, and that`s where our story, Harry`s story begins. And for years we kept track of harry, of his adventures, mischeafs, fears, diffuculties, his falling in love - his youth. And then, in the end of the book, he`s all grown up, having everyday life, going to work, doing chores. I know that he is very happy, he has all that he has ever wanted - a faily, but it still makes me sad. Now his children are at the Hogwarts, but... ANd after all, Hogwarts isn`t Hogwarts isn`t without Dumbledore.

Annalisa I keep wondering if maybe I should read these to forget about vampires? :) I like how you broke it up into what you love about each book. Even though I guessed some of where the series was going, I was amazed by the ending too. I just love Harry Potter. My daughter (who is 7) has been asking me about reading Harry Potter. I think it may be fun to sit down with her and discover the series through her eyes.

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