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The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
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Jul 18, 2010

really liked it
Read in July, 2010

I am thoroughly inspired to eat better after reading this.

Lots of interesting stuff, some horrifying. Um, when animals are euthanized in kill shelters they send their corpses to a rendering facility, boil em down, then use the gunk to feed to both meat and dairy cattle. Then some laws went in place to ban this, but not all those laws are being enforced. And bad pet food got dead dogs and cats in it. For shame!

So I am doing a vegan month in August. Maybe this will be the final step to my dairy weaning and harnessing the power of oats and Tofutti Cutie sandwiches. Woohoo!: http://myveganmonth.wordpress.com/

The book was more inspirational than preachy. I liked how positive Cher was. "You can do it!" "Yay Nature!" I'm gonna give this to everyone for a present because it's full of tips for healthier/more responsible eating, even if one is a meat-eater. Buy organic, buy local, buy grass and grain-fed whenever possible if you don't wanna eat animals that are fed sh*t, literally.

With eggs buy Certified Humane cuz if not we're eating medieval torture chamber eggs. Like, sick, sick "Saw Part 10" stuff. Male chicks get tossed in woodchippers or the dumpster (alive). Chicks get their beaks CUT OFF on day 1. And the whole deal with chicken cages stacked on top of one another with the chickies never seeing the sun and inhaling and eating so much chicken feces that they gotta be pumped with anti-biotics. This book doesn't go too heavy into the dark side so it's good for the casual reader who might not know anything about the factory farm system.

The Kabocha Soybean stew is the bomb. And my mind has been newly BLOWN by umeboshi plum vinegar which sounds very dandy-ish but it was only 4 bucks at the Co-op. Mix it with equal parts Vegenaise (another new discovery) and squirt in some lemon juice and you got yourself a most impressive salad dressing. I love coming across completely new flavors.

The library snatched this back before I could finish cooking all the recipes I wanted BUTT get this! If you go on Amazon and look at this book you can see any and ALL pages of it. Recipe score!

I am hoping abstaining from dairy will make me less phlegmy and look younger. So when you see the easy-breathing baby on your doorstep, let me in! Baby need new diapey.

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