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Somebody To Love by Kate Rothwell
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This review is for those people who have read the first book SOMEBODY WONDERFUL. Some may consider this review contains spoilers so beware. Maybe my hopes were too high when I read the sequel.

This is the story of Timona's brother Griffin and her best friend Araminta. Reared in England, she was straight forward in her views and gutsy. A chef, the food she prepared was unparallel in taste; her plans were to open a restaurant. When SOMEBODY WONDERFUL ended the reader was left with Araminta, a "champion of children", living in Minnesota. You were also left with the impression that Araminta disliked and "had no patience" with Timona's brother.

Ms. Rothwell had an interesting idea. It is in the early 1880's and like those in SOMEBODY WONDERFUL, one of the leading characters came from a background that society normally shunned. Griffin was a wealthy noble and headed several large businesses in New York City. An alpha male, he is loyal to his immediate family but can be abrupt and cold with others. In his mid thirties, his past has caused him some demons and he has no plans for marriage.

Araminta is living there now and works for Griffin's opposition. Her grandfather was white but her skin is the color of "dark clover honey", others think of her as exotic-looking. She had a loving mother but times were tough while growing up. Her father was a butler who died shortly after her birth.

When they meet at her employer's mansion "her insides melted into jelly". Hello? Did I miss something? When did she develop a huge attraction to the man and, an even bigger question, WHY? The bulk of the book was the story of Araminta falling in love and Griffin, wanting Araminta, but as his mistress. There was a secondary story about Griffin's rival Kane and his dirty works.

I thought the story was dry and not all that interesting. I probably would have stopped reading except I kept hoping it would get better. There were many sexual situations but, I felt, they were absent of passion. The characters lacked depth and something was missing. The ending was too pat. Sometimes when I finish a story I can't believe the hero and heroine will be together in five years. This was one of those stories and just not my cup of tea.
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