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Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman
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Jul 15, 2010

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"I’m not a criminal. I didn’t steal a car. I didn’t sell heroin, or steal an old lady’s purse. I built a quantum fusion reactor in 1978, and an orbital plasma gun in 1979, and a giant laser-eyed robot in 1984. I tried to conquer the world and almost succeeded, twelve times and counting."

This is the story of Doctor Impossible, smartest man on earth, and evil genius (tho he admits that some days he just doesn’t feel all that evil.) He’s locked up now, but that won’t last, coz he has a plan, a plan to take over the world, by increasing the moon’s gravity to pull earth out of it’s orbit, causing an ice age, unless the world submits to his rule.

Not a bad plan, and his nemesis, CoreFire ("I didn’t ask for a nemesis") is missing, possibly dead.

Alternating chapters with Doctor Impossible, we hear from Fatale, half woman, half cyborg, who’s brought in to replace CoreFire in the Champions. She has nagging feelings of inadequacy, and has trouble fitting in. This is a conventional novel, not the graphic kind, which gives first-time novelist Austin Grossman a chance for a little more introspection than you might find in an illustrated version.

"You keep going. You keep trying to take over the world." You might just find yourself rooting for the best villain since Elphaba. --John

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