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Asterix and Cleopatra by René Goscinny
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Jan 07, 08

really liked it

This is often considered the best in the series, and it is an excellent addition to the series.

The plot, according to Wiki:

"The book starts with an argument between Cleopatra of Egypt and Julius Caesar, in which Caesar belittles the accomplishments of the Egyptian people. Infuriated, Cleopatra makes a wager with Caesar promising to build a new palace in Alexandria within three months. Cleopatra summons Edifis, the best architect in Egypt - though the actual merit in this distinction is questionable. She promises Edifis that if he builds the palace on time he will be covered with gold; if he fails, he will be a meal for the sacred crocodiles.

A worried Edifis enlists the help of the Gauls, Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, and Dogmatix..."

A few more points by Wiki:

-Much of Asterix and Cleopatra is an extended parody of the then-recent Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton film Cleopatra, including the cover, which parodies the film's poster (at right), although the title reflects William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra.

-Obelix receives a few drops of Magic Potion, which Getafix usually does not allow. He makes an exception for him in this episode due to the extraordinary requirement made of him (forcing open a solid stone door inside a pyramid). However, although Obelix notices no difference, he keeps asking for it in later volumes.

-Dogmatix (Obelix's dog) is named for the first time in this story, and this is also the first story in which the dog takes a significant role (rescuing the heroes from a maze inside a Pyramid).

-When he is seen rowing Cleopatra's galley, the pirate captain expresses his determination to wreak revenge on the Gauls. This is the only time he expresses such a desire: usually, he wishes never to encounter the Gauls again.

Well done story, with good humor.

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