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The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman
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Jul 13, 10

This is the first Carol Goodman book that I read, and despite myself I read two of her others even after being so irritated with this one. And I felt the exact same way about all of them. They all have great symbolism, exciting twists, interesting layers of metaphor and intertwined stories. And they are all utterly ruined by Goodman not giving her reader any credit whatsoever. When you almost have that satisfied 'Ah, I have figured something out' or 'ah, that symbol has reappeared here' She slams you with the overly clueless main character saying "look! that symbol is here again!" or "look! I've figured something out" and then explains it in painful detail. The one thing that will really really make me love a book is if it leads me to think that I have figured out some hidden secret that it contains. Carol Goodman denies me that satisfaction by bashing me over the head with the answers.

I guess I read the other two books (The Seduction of Water, and The Drowning Tree) because I am so tempted by that symbolism. The ice churning in this book for example, what a great metaphor for the plot of a story, it's mixing and then the ultimate revealing of secrets as the ice floats to the top. But maybe that is what is so frustrating. all the components are there for a really beautiful and enticing story, but they are just so clumsily put together that I am left thoroughly disappointed.
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