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Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas
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Jan 05, 2016

really liked it
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Read in January, 2016 — I own a copy

I really liked this book, the last in the series, although I wasn't as enamoured of Christopher as I was as some of the other guys in the series, it was still a great read.

However, I found that the first half of this book was much better then the second, I loved the idea of them corresponding by letter and falling in love through words. But once he discovered who the actual author of the letters were the book seemed to lose momentum and became a bit unfocused.

I have enjoyed the Hathaway series though and am sad to see it end, and I hope LK does another series about the second generation of Hathaways!
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Regina I agree completely about the first half of the book v. second half. I also thought that the couple had alot of obstacles to overcome and I am not sure it was adequately dealt with in the book. One theme I am not fond of (and this was in Devil in Winter as well) -- where the man isn't interested in or attracted to the female from first sight. I can handle his dislike for her personality or style, or whatever .... but I guess just thinking of how I would want a man to perceive me -- I want sparks from the beginning.

message 31: by Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) (last edited Dec 04, 2010 11:06AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) He had PTSD I think didn't he?

He seemed to like her when he got back, but yeah, when he first met her he didn't find her attactive. I don't mind it, but like you I prefer it when they are attracted to eachother from the start. lol I know what you mean, who wants to be thought of as unattractive by the one they want?!

I really think this is more 4 stars then 5 but it feels mean when the rest are 5!

Regina LOL -- I know what you mean. Yes, he was a war hero -- and very brave but suffering the after effects and he drank very heavily.

I like the growing together and the differences -- when a couple might antagonize each other (Leo and whats her name, lol and Marcus and Lillian). But to not be noticed at all! To not have your guy have thought you were hot then! No thanks. :)

Regina But I did enjoy the story, loved the correspondence. LK does it everytime!

message 28: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah Great review, Suzanne. Christopher definitely wasn't my favorite of the series either. As a matter of fact, he's my least favorite male. But I think I liked this book more than you did.

Yes, he had a form of PTSD. And, if you want to get technical, when he returned, he was immediately attracted to Beatrix but he was still under the illusion that she was weird or crazy or both. Plus, he thought that Prudence was writing the letters so he didn't want to allow himself to be attracted to Beatrix.

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) I liked the letters as well, it was very Jane Austen!

He was also my least fave too Leah, although I did really like him up until he admitted he loved her! I am not sure what they says about me, but I don't think it is good! lol

That's true Leah, he did think she was beautiful when he saw her again, I think it was the bit before he left when she brought Medusa to the picnic. Which I thought was adorable, I now really want a pet hedgehog! lol

Grrr I hated Prudence! How could he ever have preferred her to Beatrix!

Regina That is the part I was referencing - the part before the war.

message 25: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah Yes! The letters were very cute, Suzanne, they were rather Jane Austen-ish!

LMAO! You liked him UNTIL he said he loved her?! Silly girl! But you know, I think he accepted that he loved Bea way too quickly. Before he left, she was an eccentric girl who brought hedgehogs to picknicks. When he came back, he still didn't like her. And he vows revenge on the person who wrote the letters. Then he finds out it was Bea and he...admits he loves her? Uh, no. Sorry, LK, but that was a no-go.

LOL! The sad thing is, I can picture you just sitting around with your hedgehog! These books make me want a ferret, though! LOL. I adore Dodger. Ironically enough, when I was a kid, I always said I was going to get a ferret! Now I should get one and name it Dodger! LOL

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) Yep, he was great when he was writing the letters and when he first got back and he had the by play going on with Bea, but after he realized it was her writing the letters, he just seemed to change and become less interesting. Yeah I agree, I thought he would have atleast been angry with her a bit, but he wasn't, especially when a few pages before he swore revenge!

We have hedghogs in our garden, they steal our cats food! lol Maybe I shoudl try and pick one up! See I actually know someone who had a ferret as a pet, and well it wasn't as good or nice smelling as Dodger so I really don't want a ferret!

message 23: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah I think that he mellowed out much too easily once he found out it was Beatrix who had been writing the letters. Not so much that his problems went away, because they definitely didn't, but just that he seemed to go to...mush after he found out it was her.

Exactly! He had sworn revenge about two pages previously and then doesn't do anything when he finds out it's her! He just kisses her angrily and then leaves! WTF?!

LMAO! Just be careful picking it up, okay? You are no Bea or Harry so it might not let you, LOL. Yeah...that's the reality of the situation. They make Dodger out to be so wonderful when a real ferret would just be stinky!

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) I know, I mean I would have hated it if he went on for ages moaning about it, but I expected more then that. He had spent a hellish at war the only thing keeping him sane was thinking that Pru loved him, then he comes back and realizes that not only is the supposed love of his life a completely shallow bitch, but she hadn't even written to him in the first place and had allowed someone else to "toy" with him. I was expecting sone healthy rage! Not a bloody kiss, damn man! Then he went all boring after that too, I don't think he had as much personality as the other heroes, all the others have very distinct personalities where as he didn't.

OMG, we had this whit cat meowing at our door lastnight, it was so cute! I think it must be an older kitten and it was lost. It slept in our shed last night, I wanted to let it in but our cats would have beaten up the pretty kittty cat : ( We have to call the RSPCA to come pick the white cat up

message 21: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah I completely agree. While the kiss was lovely, he should have gone into some kind of rage or whatever. I mean, not to the point of hurting Bea or anything but something, ANYTHING, that would lend credence to the fact that he was a man with anger issues and trauma at being at war for years. I agree, also, that he didn't have as much of a personality as the other men. Even from the beginning, he wasn't as charismatic as all the rest of them are.

Awwww! Poor kitty!

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) He should have had a good long rant and made her cry a little LOL Then make it up to her with a great orgasms and a marriage proposal : D I think I would have liked this a little more if it wasn't that Lisa Kleypas wrote it, whenever I go for one of her books I always have high expectations, and she rarely lets me down. Do you find that, that with authors you love you go with higher expectations and so judge them a little more harshly if it isn't as good as the other books?

I know, we found the owner and apparently he has been missing for 2 months! Wana know what his name is? Fang! LOL It doesn't suit him though, he is much too sweeter cat to be called Fang!

message 19: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah LMAO! I don't think that he would make her cry. I think that Bea would just stand there all calm and serene and take it. But yes, a rant would have been nice! That does happen with me, though, I always have very high expectations when it comes to authors I love. Most times I am not let down but sometimes I am. For instance, I ADORE Richelle Mead and have read all but one and a half of her books, but when I read her book Storm Born...oh, I was SO let down. I didn't think Love in the Afternoon was bad though and I certainly wasn't let down by it because it was still great. It's just not my favorite and I didn't like Chris (I'm shortening his name because it's too damn long!) as much as the other guys.

LOL! Fang makes me think of Fang from the Dark-Hunters! I LOVE FANG! LOL. The poor thing was missing for two months?! D:

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) Nah, she should cry, really work the guilt trip by getting the tears out! lol But he definitely needed to rant or something!

That's too bad about "Storm Born" it is disappointing when an author you love comes out with a book you don't like very much.

No I didn't think that LitA was better either, sadly just not as good as the others. I was the same about Chris as well, Bea had a mucher bigger personality, so infact did Albert the Dog! lol

Me too! But then I looked at the cute purring like a machine gun cat and just laughed! The woner came over, BUT Fang had gone missing again! Poor woman she was distraught, they have had him since he was a kitten

message 17: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah Eh. I can never picture Bea crying! It would be so surprising if I ever read about Bea crying. But yeah, ranting or throwing things would have been lovely, damn it!

I know *sigh* Everyone tells me that the second one is better but I don't have very high expectations for it.

LOL! Oh Albert! I loved him! And it's sad when you can say that the DOG had more personality than the hero! D:

Oh no! That little rascal! Apparently he didn't want to go home. HE WANTED TO SEE THE WORLD, DAMN IT! LOL ;P

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) Oh yes i am down with her thrpwing things at him when he annoys her, sometimes a man she needs to be hit on the head with a book so you can get your point across LOL Not that I condone violence, or atleast not violence done to ME anyways LOL

Well, atleast if you go in with low expectations it can't disappoint you! See if your library has it so you don't have to buy it incase you don't like it.

Lol it is sad, yet true in this book! Albert was great, he even got a new collar from the queen!

LOL, he wants to trave the world, he could at this moment be on a train on the way to the airport so he can explore the world!

message 15: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah LOL! I was talking about HIM throwing things! He should have had SOME kind of reaction! But, I think it would have been hilarious if she threw a book or something at him, LOL. I don't condone violence either (which is rather funny because me and you are the most violent of our little group, LOL) but it would have been hilarious.

Ugh, I have to buy it. It's the only Richelle Mead book I don't own! LOL. I have a compulsion to own every book my favorite authors write, LOL

It's very, very sad, Suzie pie. Very sad! LOL. But that was so cute when the queen gave Albert the collar, LOL

Precisely! Next thing you know he'll be popping up in my yard and you'll have to pick him up! LOL

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) LOL, Oh no he can't throw things at her, that would be wrong, I am going to be a complete hypocrite and say that only females can attack! *sighs* clearly we are more violent then we think, although I think we should say we are violently passionate people! That makes it a tad better! LOL

That's okay, I understand that compulsion, all the authors I love I always buy there books, taking it on faith that they are good, like I preordered "Crave" before I even read "Covet" just because it was J R Ward and I am a super crazy obsessive fan LOL!

Suzie Pie! Don't make me come over there *shakes fist*

Oh if I turned up in your garden I would just squat at your house for a bit ohhhh and then we can go on a road trip to Lauries (I would have dragged Gokce along with me!)

message 13: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah LOL! I agree that it would be wrong. My point is that he should have some kind of volatile reaction! But, I agree that only women can attack, LOL. How hypocritical of us! *grins* LOL! Clearly. Yes, yes, violently passionate people...but then, how do you qualify our throwing of baby animals into a river a few months ago...? *raises eyebrow*

Same here! I bought Storm Born before I even read it because I loved Richelle's Vampire Academy series and her Georgina Kincaid series. However, this Eugenie Markham series is turning out to be...not so good, LOL

YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT! And of course I am going to continue to call you that...Suzie pie! LOL

Naturally! Sounds like fun! We would have to make a detour to Ohio to pick up Alli, though! Or, you could stop by her house first since you would have to come through Ohio to get to Illinois anyway! LOL

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) I agree, Chris was far too boring and accepting of the situation, where is teh passion damnit, Bea could have done better! I think so far he has to my least fave LK hero. Urmmm, wellllllllllll the reason we were throwing all the cute animals in the river was urrr.....ummmmm.... because we wanted to give the ugly animals a chance! Yes that is it! I mean when people are cooing over the cute puppy, does anyone give any consideration to the poor ant eater in the corner pining for love, or the lonely camel, NO! So as humane animal lovers drowning the puppies and kittens of the world is the only way to go.

Ah, well she has two good series out of three that isn't bad going! What don't you like about the Eugenie Markham series?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, remember Suzalicious!

Oh okay, well I have no idea about what place is where, I will have to map it out! Do a road trip and pick eeryone up on the way, although when I say I will pick everyone up, I mean someone should collect me from the airport and drive because I can't!

message 11: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah I agree! Poor Bea deserved better, damn it! Yeah, he's definitely my least fave, LK hero so far. Which sucks. Poor Bea. Ah yes! That was our reasoning! Thank you for reminding me! Of course, we were doing the right thing. And did those ugly animals thank us? Noooooo!

It would be better if you went a read my review for Storm Born, I say everything there. Bleck, I don't even like thinking about it! LOL

LMAO! I'll mix it up with Suzie pie and Suzalicious!

LOL! Well, you and Gokce fly to Ohio and Alli can pick you up. Then you guys can drive to get me and we can drive to Vegas to Laurie's house!

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) At the moment he and Grant Morgan in competition for my last fave hero. Although I still like them, but they are no Kev Merripans and Simon Hunts : )

I know damn ungrateful fugly animals! I think we shoudl start drowning them and keep the cute animals ourselves! I just saw a programme for guide dogs and awww they are so cute!

I will take a look, I have almost bought it a few times!

That sounds like a plan my friend!

Leah Yeah, Chris and Grant are definitely my least favorite LK heroes so far. They were just lacking in that charisma that heroes should have.

I agree! Out with the ugly animals, in with the cute! LOL

You want me to send it to you? You can borrow it if you want.

Sweet! Now we just need to get down to the gritty details :D

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) Definitely they were a bit too generic I think.

Damn right out with:

[image error]

And in with:

OMG when I put ugly animal pictures in google some truely grotesque animals came up!!!

Oh yes please!!

Leah I agree. A bit too...regular?

LMAOOO! OMG! I started choking/coughing when I saw that ugly animal picture! LMAOOOOO!

I've forgotten what we were talking about in this line, LOL. What are you saying "yes please" to? Besides my sexual favors.

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) LMAO! Look at this picture!

LOL! I know isn't it icky! There were some deranged looking animals when I goggled ugly animals!!

LOL you know I would always say yes to your sxual favours although I have also lost track of what the hell we were talking about!

Leah Those poor, deranged animals! LMAO!

Of course you would, because I am a pro at giving them!

Were we talking about me sending you Storm Born to borrow? That's the last thing I can recall about this conversation, LOL!

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) I know! Why is a hamster deep throating a carrot LMAO!

LOL, you dirty hussy... I like it!

Oh yes, that could have been talking about that! So are you gonna send it to me? : D

Leah LMAO! You are a pervert! The poor thing is just eating! LOL

Of course you do! I'm the sexual master! LOL

LMAO. I think we were. Yeah, I will send it to you when I send Halfway to the Grave back.

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) LMAO! You know you were thinking the same thing!

You are, I bow before you and lick you feet (and other places ; P)

Oh thanks! That would be fab!

Leah LMAO. I actually wasn't this time, the poor rabbit.

Linger at "other places." I DO love it when you lick me there *grins*

No problem, darling! :)

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