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Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder
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Oct 18, 10

bookshelves: fantasy, dystopia, young-adult, series
Read from October 12 to 17, 2010

What can I say, I was a little dismayed by Sea Glass. Perhaps because I expected more out of this second book. Perhaps because I thought Opal's character was going to be more interesting and her adventures more daring and intriguing. However, none of that came into fruition, at least in my opinion.

The book didn't really pick up for me until the last 100 pages. I felt that the first 200 pages dawdled and there were chapters that seem indulgent and unconsequential. I know Maria Snyder was trying to develop Opal's character and what other magical talents she has but some chapters just took too long to do so.

In respects to Opal, I appreciated her character developing some spunk in this book but I did not care so much for her becoming jaded and distrustful of everyone. I get it that a lot of people in this book disappointed her but it was just such a downer when she was acting this way. You can still be spunky and kind at the same time, Opal. It doesn't mean you're weak when you're kind. Just look at Harry Potter!

But what irked me the most about the Sea Glass is how Opal's character was turning into a mini-Yelena. Opal all of a sudden found the urge to learn to defend herself, just like Yelena in the Study series. Just like Yelena, she wanted to learn how to fight with weapons, pick locks, move like a ninja/ghost, do nightly investigations, etc. Also just like Yelena, she befriended two soldiers and have become her sworn protectors - Nic and Eve to Yelena's Ari and Janco. I just wish that Maria Snyder was more creative and original in fashioning Opal's character. She is the heroine of the Glass series after all. She should be different from Yelena, eventhough the Glass series is a sequel/spin off of the Study series. I'm sure if I looked for more similarities between these series that I would. But I'll stop here just to be fair with this book.

I just have a love-dislike relationship with this book. I did enjoy the last 100 pages of the book! I liked that Lief's character had more face time in this book. I still felt that Kade should have been in the book more since he is Opal's main squeeze. Good riddance to Ulrick. He's a whiny lad anyway. But, Devlen, hmmm, the devil who's had a change of heart might just steal Opal's heart. Sneaky little devil! This I am definitely interested in finding out in the 3rd installment, Spy Glass. Also, I am intrigued as to what becomes of Opal, with all her magical abilities changed.

So now that I've opined, I still love Maria Snyder. The Glass series is definitely not a favorite but I will continue onto Spy Glass as I'm intrigued indeed.
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message 1: by Stefanie (new) - added it

Stefanie Hey girl thanks for adding me! I just finished the Storm Glass last week, but didn't really love it, my sister says the series does get better though. I still love her Study series the best. Yelena+Valek...truuuue love lol

Milly I did love the Study series. Yelena seems to be more interesting and I do like the pairing of Yelena and Valek. I still don't know who Opal will end up with. She seems to really like Kade but who knows who she'll end up with with Devlen and Ulrick in the picture.

message 3: by Stefanie (new) - added it

Stefanie True, I hope it's Kade, their relationship seems the most natural to me..Even though I find all of feeling a little forced anyways.

message 4: by AH (new) - added it

AH Great review!

I really loved Poison Study. I was disappointed with Magic Study and I have Fire Study sitting on a shelf waiting for me to read. I find Maria Snyder has really great ideas, but in a series, they seem to fade over the books.

Milly Thanks! Yeah, like what Stef says, her books don't usually pick up til the last 100 pages. I love her Study series, Glass series not so much. But I recently read her new dystopian book and I loved it!

message 6: by Stefanie (new) - added it

Stefanie Oh Milly are you talking about Inside Out?? My sister read that, took her a while to get through the first half but she said the second half of the book well made up for it. And something about sheeps lol, but I still plan to read it.
I'm still not sure if i'm going to continue the Glass series, i'm not really eager too. It's such a watered down version of the Study series it feels like. I may get around to it, but let's just say it's not high on my to-read list.

Méadhbh I actually like Opal more for becoming bitter and distrustful. Because that was how I would have acted. I just don't believe it when the main antagonist picks themselves up after a major blow, dusts themselves off, and continue on as if nothing has happened. I like to see man vs. society struggle in books. Although you do have some really good points, I like Glass better than I like Study.

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