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The Terminal State by Jeff Somers
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Jul 24, 2010

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7.12.10 - Fuck Yeah, It Finally came out! I had it on reserve and the bookstore just called me!

7.24.10 - Ok, I finally finished it. As an aside I must admit that Jeff Somers (the Author) is now on Goodreads and was awesome enough to even answer one of my questions (and offering to answer anyone's questions!)... this makes reviewing one of his books a little weirder for me than usual because I now know him to be a cool guy, so I can't totally tear him a new asshole. That means I must now use "constructive criticism," maybe something I should have been using all along for my reviews anyways. Damn the Internet is fucking things up! Ah well.

This is the only book that I have actually bought at the bookstore in the last five or so years (besides "The Eternal Prison" last year and "The Book of the Law" as a present). Usually I prefer the library but I could not wait that long to read this, so I am very biased because I'm a huge fan of the Avery Cates books. I think it's the best new Science Fiction I've discovered since Iain M. Banks and William Gibson, though very different.

Maybe because I've reread the other three books so many times my view is skewed and I just know how Somers' writing is now, maybe Cates has already been through so much it would be taxing on any author to put him through more, or maybe the pressure to put out another Cates book made Sommers sloppy; but I honestly think this is the least of the Cates series so far (The "Eternal Prison" being the best). Some of the "surprises" in this one I saw coming from a mile away, the repeated references to past adventures in the other three books irritated me (I mean I'm a Cates Junkie, I don't need reminders!), and a few technical/consistency details seemed wrong and irritated me as well. But overall it's still the genuine article and it entertained me a lot this month, though I don't see myself rereading it like I do with the other three. I even kept myself from reading it all in one night and paced myself to keep the joy last longer.

I'm still a fan and was totally enthused to find a few Avery Cates short stories on Somers' web site (how come nobody told me sooner?!) and will definitely be reading the next Cates book when it comes out. I just hope it's better than this one. I love Cates so much I'd rather have him die and read a spin-off series about the life of Wa Belling or something than to see his books get crappier and crappier until there's nothing cool left.

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Jeff Somers
“I decided to irritate him, on the premise that it couldn't make my situation any worse.”
Jeff Somers, The Terminal State

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