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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson
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Jul 22, 10

Read from July 11 to 18, 2010

** spoiler alert ** As a whole, I enjoyed the series. The horrific violence against women (e.g., when Lisbeth's guardian rapes her) wasn't as gratuitous as it seemed in the first book, because it served a purpose in the larger story. By the end I came away with the sense that Larsson was condemning violence against women rather than enjoying it. I thought Lisbeth was a great character and thought that she grew & developed as a person throughout the 3 books. Plus, she kicks ass - literally! I thought the 2nd book was the most riveting, suspenseful book, and the cliffhanger ending of it was fantasic. Thankfully I had the 3rd waiting for me so I could immediately start it when I finished the 2nd!

Other misc thoughts:
- Where is Camilla, Lisbeth's sister?? I was hoping she would play a part in the plot somewhere, and was disappointed that she never resurfaced.

- Erika Berger's plotline with SMP and her stalker was pretty unnecessary, I thought. It was entertaining and I like her as a character, but I found myself hurrying through those sections. I thought it was going somewhere related to the Salander plotline when she assigned the temp journalist to follow the Salander case, but then Larsson never returned to that.

- Similarly, the exhaustive descriptions of locations in Sweden got a bit old for me. Do we really need to know the exact route that characters take from place A to B? I suppose he included those because the series was written for a Swedish audience and he had no idea how much of an international sensation the books would be. With that in mind, I got less annoyed by the locations once I looked up a map of Stockholm and Sweden so I had more knowledge about the places.

- I wanted more of Salander/Blomkvist in the 3rd book. I think the larger conspiracy made a better story, but that necessitated the introduction of more and more characters and it got a bit difficult to keep track of everyone. (This was also exacerbated by the similarity in some of the names -- like Nieminen and Niedermann -- as pointed out by Ephron in the link below!) I was most invested in Salander and Blomkvist as characters and wanted more from them.

Finally, this Nora Ephron piece is hilarious! The Girl Who Fixed the Umlaut

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