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Daredevil, Vol. 14 by Ed Brubaker
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Jul 12, 10

Read on July 12, 2010

Leave it to Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark to deliver Daredevil...the poor man's Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe...into the greatest crime-related comic book Marvel's published in a good long while.

Having worked together on DC Comics' GOTHAM CENTRAL, the creative team are picking up the pieces of the DAREDEVIL series, left behind by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev, and "when we last saw our hero," Matt Murdock was facing an unprecedented stint in prison while he awaited trial for vigilantism as Daredevil.

Fans of CRIMINAL will take pleasure in the knowledge that Brubaker can script the unrelenting twists & turns that a crime comic demands, even within the world of superheroes and comic books that are generally intended for younger readers (though the DAREDEVIL series hasn't really been intended for young readers since CLERKS director Kevin Smith scripted it). Assassination attempts, prisonhouse vendettas, ex-wives taking advantage of visiting hours only to bust your chops while you sit behind bars..."The Devil, Inside & Our, Volume 1" pulls no punches, and it's a good thing that the team of Brubaker/Lark didn't attempt to pull any.

Taking the stage after the stage-stealing team of Bendis & Maleev, Brubaker/Lark's first run with Daredevil could have looked more like a sophomore effort by a record-setting band. Rest assured, though, the creative team appears to be taking the Man Without Fear into brilliant and even more vulnerable territory than ever, both as a hero and as his blind alter ego.

Bat-fans might also catch a glimpse of the creators' GOTHAM CENTRAL work within these pages of DAREDEVIL. It's a pleasure to look at Lark's pencils again, and with Brubaker scripting the drama, you can bet that whatever you entered this prison with, you might not be leaving with it on you.

More appropriate to comparison with the team's first(?) pairing on GOTHAM CENTRAL, though, is the blatant absence of Daredevil himself. Recall that GOTHAM CENTRAL was populated not by the Bat-heroes or -villains, but by Commissioner Gordon and the beat cops themselves. Here, readers continue to catch their intimate glimpse of Daredevil behind the mask (though Miller, Smith, Mack, and Bendis did a tremendous job of providing that glimpse in the past).

This time, though, readers are truly a captive audience, and if what lies in store for Daredevil is as claustrophobic and unsettling as this first venture, there's nothing to hold back this creative team now.
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