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Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood
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Jul 12, 2010

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Finally! Garwood writes a Buchanan story that was on par with Mercy. It still doesn't eclipse that one for me, but it definitely held its own, and it marched past the last few stories that couldn't hit much more than flat notes.

Here, we get Noah Clayborne's story, and if you've been reading the entire series than you already know you love Noah. And who would be a better match for Noah than the Buchanan sister, Jordan. This one starts out with Kate and Dylan's wedding, the couple from the last book, and you're immediately sort of thrown into the Buchanan/MacKenna history of ancient feuds. The beginning was slow to pick up, but once it did it was a total blast to read. After meeting the wacky MacKenna professor at the wedding and wanting to go outside her comfort zone, as Noah called it, she drives off to some not-on-the-map Texas town, to get the rest of the recluse's research, but instead she finds herself stuck with a leaky radiator hose. Oh, and a dead body in her trunk, a local boy racing up to her and punching her for being "disorderly", a police chief wearing too much make up that's ready to convict her, and she's left after this bizarre turn of events having to pull the Buchanan card, and we know the Buchanan's pack a lot of heat.

This one was fun, had an engaging enough mystery, and the sparks between Jordan and Noah were sweet. Noah was still the charmer we've gotten to know, and seeing him get hot and bothered over his best friend's sister was just this side of endearing. And of course, watching the logical, computer minded Jordan turn into what she feared most - A NCG, Noah Clayborne Groupie, was pretty adorable too. She didn't do the whole, "Oh my god, I suddenly realized I love him, but I don't know what to do about it, and please don't leave me but touch me again." Well, she did a little, but at least not like the last few ladies who went on for pages doing it. Jordan held her own with Noah, and when push came to shove, and lives were on the line, their dedication to each other gave the story the emotional resonance the last few have lacked.

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