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Taken by Storm by Angela Morrison
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Jul 11, 2010

it was amazing
Read in July, 2010

Reviewed @ Girls Without a Bookshelf.

Angela Morrison's debut novel is a stunning piece of work. Michael and Leesie's story is in itself, moving - but Angela delivers this through a superb writing that is both poetic and honest. It's hard to tear myself away from this book. It's so beautiful.

Taken by Storm will introduce into a romance that will take your breath away; heartbreakingly sad yet honest in every turn, Michael and Leesie's story will challenge, question and provoke readers. The author's impeccable writing style will touch your emotions and will make you ask for more, despite the ache it might bring. Angela perfects the pang of yearning, the heat of passion and the gut-wrenching feel of loss. In short, perfectly constructed phrases, her writing hits the target and stays there.

Michael and Leesie are equal in strength of character. Michael is broken, aching, mournful - his words are coated with grief and loss. His passion for diving, and later for Leesie, is described so accurately. Leesie's ability to heal Michael and guide his lost soul back to his body brings them together. I marvel at Michael's humanity in this novel - the author's ability to paint his emotions accurately does not smother his humanity, but reiterates it. His flaws - particularly his detachment and tunnel vision - made me dislike him at many points in the novel. Even Leesie's indecisiveness at times made me frown. However, their growth is also strongly noted in the novel. They undergo a transformation only they can bring to each other. Michael and Leesie introduce each other to a different outlook in life.

With an ending that is devastating, moving, poignant and satisfying, Taken by Storm is a novel about loving, yearning, moving forward and remembering. It's about friendship, companionship, passion and love - ultimately, it's about Michael and Leesie. I will remember it as such.

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