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Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline
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Jul 11, 2010

it was ok
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Read in July, 2010

Your classic soap storyline ...

That review headline isn't exactly a criticism; it's more of a term of endearment. Because the fact is that this book is VERY easy to read and goes like lightning. I started it in the sun on July 5 and finished it that same evening, and was entertained most of the time.

However, it's definitely a plot I've seen on CSI and most certainly a plot that's been used on many a soap. It's the classic good twin/evil twin story, and of course the evil twin tries to take over the good twin's life. You know, if the good twin wasn't a successful lawyer with a fat bank account, these evil twins would probably never attempt that kind of stuff.

Anyway, there are a few twists and turns, but it's very predictable. Even down to the fact that the evil twin tells everyone that the evil twin (really the good one) will probably come around saying she's her! Oooh, shocker! :)

Some of the ancillary characters were very interesting and I'd have liked to have known them better. On the other hand, some of them seemed oddly misplaced, and made me wonder if perhaps they each feature in their own books in the author's lexicon, and I'd know them if I'd read some of her other books first.

One thing that did charm me was when we met Mary DiNunzio's (mostly stereotypical) family. This description was really one-of-a-kind: "No matter how many people came over for dinner, her parents never ate in the dining room, which was reserved for Christmas, Easter, or some other occasion when something really good happened to Jesus Christ." If the rest of the book had been that cleverly written, it would have been awesome. Instead, Mary's family was almost hackneyed, except for the confusing presence of Fiorella. I'm still not sure I understand her place in this book.

Anyway, it was interesting, and great for a "beach read" (or my back deck, in this case), but I'm having a hard time picturing it for a book club. We'll see how that goes on July 15!
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Stacia You write such good reviews :0) Mine are very simple and I enjoyed reading a more in depth perspective on the book. I found it odd that with how predictable the story was it didn't seem to be that predictable to the characters who were all supposed to be so "ahead of the game". It seemed like it took them way to long to figure anything out and the only one that had a clue wasn't much a part of the story. Was her name Judy? She was the only one that seemed to clue in to that fact that something was up when it seemed so obvious.

Antof9 Thanks! And you are totally right about Judy-whatever-her-name-is. Thank goodness for her! I also just re-read my last line in my review -- surprisingly, we had a good discussion about this book! I'll be honest; I wasn't sure there was much to talk about :) And you are right on in terms of characters and not so ahead of the game :)

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