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Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
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message 1: by Lis (new)

Lis Oh, you MUST read this! Lestat...*swoon* This is what vampires are supposed to be...

Bonnie Gayle Alberta sold me on it at work today too. She said she loved the first 3. How many of them did you like?

message 3: by Lis (new)

Lis The first two are fantastic. The third is good. The fourth is just tolerable because you want to know what happens with David. After that, don't even pick them up - they are HORRIBLE.

Michael Bonacci Ahh, takes me back to the 80s...but the two movies have been complete failures! :0(

Bonnie Gayle I didn't even know there was 2!

message 6: by Lis (new)

Lis Yes, but the second isn't a sequel of the first. Made by totally different people, with a totally different cast. Totally different feel, too. "Interview w/the Vampire" is slow, draggy, and cast completely wrong. Beautiful to look at, though! "Queen of the Damned" is cheap and somewhat silly. I do think their Lestat (Stuart Townsend) did a much better job of it. I kind of liked him. Kinda didn't like everything else! Whatever you do, don't watch the films before you read the books!!!

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