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The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie
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Jul 10, 2010

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Anytime someone talks to me about Agatha Christie lately, I find myself heaving a big sigh. By all accounts I should be all over this lady, I should be ripping through her mysteries like no one's bidness. But so far each of the books I've read feel interchangeable and if you were to ask me the plot of one over another I'd probably tactfully change the topic. Or say, "Look, a deer!" and run the other direction.

I'm not discounting what Christie has done for detective fiction, or what she has done for women authors across the board (not just genre fiction). I get all that, I really do. Maybe I haven't had enough experience with her Marple stories to really rule Christie out entirely, but so far her Poirot books have left me feeling all too "meh" in the end. Reading her books, so far, have been just another way to pass the time - similar to watching a fly crawl on a newspaper while waiting for my Pop-tart to toast. I don't have to think much about it if I don't want to, which is fine and dandy, but then I get angry about the fact that I don't think that much about it. Am I just that jaded that I don't care about the fly on the newspaper, or in this case, who the serial killer is? Am I really that tired right now? It's possible, but I've read Christie when I was feeling totally awesome and I still walk away feeling like I missed something in my life.

It's not to say that her books suck because they don't. As evidenced by the fact that I pick one up periodically, right? Seriously, maybe Poirot just really bugs me. I thought I would feel some kinship for him after having visited Belgium a couple times, but no. I feel only more distance from him. It doesn't really help that I know Christie herself wound up really not liking him much. Good job, Aggie. You wrote a character even you couldn't stand.
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Agatha Christie
“It's like all those quiet people, when they do lose their tempers they lose them with a vengeance.”
Agatha Christie, The A.B.C. Murders

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