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Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
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My... I feel bad that it's need almost 2 months to finish read Magic Slays :S. But, yeah, RL intervened, I'm enraptured by games I play (glare to games) and somehow I enter reading slump phase :/. Oh, some little trivia, Magic Slays is a book that I won from Ilona Andrews long long loooong time before I read Kate Daniels books :P. That time I don't know what to do with the book and its again my series OCD to not read 1st book, so I decide to but Magic Bites. Sure I always said that Bites don't wowed me but make me interested enough to know more about Kate world and all change after I read Magic Strikes. The rest is history :)

Anyway, Kate rocks like usual and I like that her relationship with Curran is established now, slowly but sure and become solid day by day. I think that their time together somehow too short for my taste, but their scenes always memorable. I don't give Slays 5* because I think Kate is too much having angst. I see that the emotional baggage that Kate carry is larger and complicated compared to the previous books. Her complicated feeling about herself and her magic, her anxiety about her relationship with Curran that also bring Pack problem to her feet, also her problem with Julie, that indeed show Kate with her bravado is just human afterall. Of course she still witty, throw sarcasm and dry humor here and there.

I love that, again, Andrews bring so many myth in Kate's world. Now, it's time for Russian myth (which is Ilona's birthplace) to take a place and reader will get more insight to the People. Kate's nemesis (and her dad) Roland not appear but he mentioned often. Duo Andrews also put some meaningful opinion and I think its connected with our condition right now. They show that when people have so much rage, they need something to blame. And that rage will turn into hatred, make them fanatic and destroy everything that stand in their path. Boy, sounds familiar?

Kate Daniels series is still my favorite and I will read the next book asap. If I'm not distracted with my games and other books ofc :v

Favorite quote:

"...Rage is a powerful thing. People get upset over many things. Frustating jobs, small paychecks, bad hours. People want things; people feel deprived and powerless. All this give fuel to rage. The anger builds and builds and if there is no outlet for it, pretty soon it transforms the person. They walk around like a loaded gun, ready to go off if only they could find the right target. They want to hurt something. They need it."

He refiled his glass and topped mine off. "Humans tend to segregate the world: enemies on one side, friends on the other. Friends are people we know. Enemies are the Other. You can do just about anything to the Other. It doesn't matter if this Other is actually guilty of any crimes, because it's a matter of emotion, not logic. You see, angry people aren't interested in justice. They just want an excuse to vent their rage."

Dolittle sighed. "And once you become their Other, you're no longer a person. You're just an idea, an abstraction of everything that's wrong with their world. Give them the slightest excuse, and they will tear you down. And the easiest way for them to target you as this Other is to find something that's different about you. Color of your skin. The way you speak. The place you're from. Magic. It comes and goes in cycles, Kate. Each new generation pick their own Other.

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