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Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day
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Jul 10, 2010

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Adventure, romance, mythology, sea gods, vampires, the lost city of Atlantis, South American jungles and the possible destruction of human kind hang in the balance – it’s a roller coaster ride of action. Atlantis Unleashed, Alyssa Day’s newest installment in her Warriors of Poseidon series has it all. Combine an alpha hero who has suffered imprisonment in the Netherworld with an intelligent, endearing heroine and you have a recipe for one of those ’sit back in your favorite chair reads’.

With regards to the series, Alyssa Day has built a world steeped in the myth of the lost world of Atlantis. What I find particularly interesting about her paranormal world is that vampires and werewolves have come out of hiding and now freely interact with humans. Unfortunately many of these creatures seek to take over the human race and rule the world. It is the duty of the seven warriors of Poseidon to protect man kind and have Atlantis rise again. I found that there is a bit of the urban fantasy element in this series. You have the gritty underground rebellion with humans joining forces with the warriors to stop the insidious overthrow of the human race and save it from the vampires. Many of the women in her series are strong and have that take no prisoners attitude that you see in urban fantasy. Her heroes are straight up paranormal alpha males. However she brings you the best of both possible sub-genres because you definitely get an HEA in an Alyssa Day book.

Specifically, Atlantis Unleashed is the story of Lord Justice and Dr. Keely McDermott. Picking up where her previous book Atlantis Awakening left off, Justice, one of the seven warriors, has sold his soul to the Vampire Goddess to protect his brother. He is trapped in the Netherworld for months enduring unimaginable darkness causing a split personality and throughout the book he grapples with his two sides – his Nereid side and his Atlantean side. Let’s just say his Nereid side is all about power and taking what he wants. His Atlantean side is about integrity and justice. It’s up to Dr. Keely McDermott to inspire him to become the man he needs to be.

If you’re a fan of this series you’ll be happy to visit with previously introduced characters as well as experience the continuation of the world building. If you’re new to the series, this is definitely a stand alone book and can be enjoyed in and of itself. Alyssa Day has a smart way with dialogue as well as prose. Her characters are three dimensional, the humor is spot on and the romance is compelling. She blends the ‘old world’ of Atlantis with a modern conversational tone that spoke to the pop culture geek that lurks inside me. I’m looking forward to the next installment Atlantis Unmasked.
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