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Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey
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Jul 11, 10

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We all know what it's like to grow up with expectations that you will somehow be great (okay fine, some of us more than others) and Carey's heroine suffers more than others due to Merlin's visions 600 years prior to her birth. She is supposed to be great - save the world great - and her mother is determined that she live up to the predictions. Never mind the fact that she is born with one claw (a dragon talon) on one hand due to Mama dearest stealing (and slurping) a dragon egg to quicken her aging womb. The fact that dragons are the scourge of their people and if it were to be found out that the Great Princess who will do Great Things is almost a dragon herself (hey, one day a talon, the next day fire, these dragons are pesky!) there will be pandemonium (and exile, maybe death?) is a source of great trouble to the Mother. So she removes anyone who knows of her daughter's minor...flaw. It's quite obvious that the Queen Mama is unhinged (what with drinking poppy provided by a vile Mage (who is a villain)). Then lots of things happen, the Princess falls in love with a dragon slayer (the irony kills me) and she is kidnapped by the male dragon whose mate the dragon slayer's dad killed. Anyway... that's how it goes. I felt that for a book that wasn't too long, it was really comprehensive. I appreciate the fact that she tries to show that things aren't always black and white - dragons aren't always bad and come on, humans are nowhere near saints). There is a possibility for interspecies peace and true love might have a chance of working out. I liked it.

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